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WAI Memetic Diamondweave Bodysuit
Camo for manos with nanos

We have an active camo nanogenic, but it needs bare skin to work. This naturally conflicts with the use of armor. We also have an in-universe material that changes colors to match its surroundings.

The WAI Memetic Diamondweave Bodysuit (matching hood, gloves, and boots sold separately) attempts to fill this obvious gap in the market. It sacrifices some of the protection offered by the much sturdier D-Fence bodysuit, trading out layers of nanoweave for synthetic spun diamond material capable of picking up light and refracting color from both the user's skin and their surroundings.

A person with no Metachrosis who wears the suit will find that it offers a fairly small passive benefit to stealth, but it's really meant to go with the nano.

A person with Metachrosis can receive the full benefit of their nanogenic on any part of their body covered by this armor as it mimics the patterning of their skin as it shifts. The armor does not confer any stealth bonus on top of Metachrosis.

The suit is designed to support Xo3 or Xo5 plating overtop of it, though the hard armor plating naturally blocks the effect anywhere they are worn as these pieces do not employ this technology.

The idea is that characters can spend big bucks to get some kinda-sorta-OK armor that won't interfere with their Metachrosis. Stacking specific pieces of Xo3 overtop of it (say a helmet, thorax, and codpiece) would allow them to fine-tune the level of protection versus stealth that they wanted, and make this nano viable for people in the big leagues.

Plus it's cool.

Shit! She's using thermoptic camo! Shoot her!

I love this idea. Themely. I'd argue it'd be a corpsec-only requisition item for senior corpsec, probably just due to cost of manufacture.

Bonus points if the underlayer masked your thermal signature. Just lists you as a green static object, so you're technically visible with it on, but very easily overlooked.

Edit to above: Re: Thermal masking: assuming a newly-reclassified airtight helmet was worn in conjunction, of course!
Just sell it in space. Then it's a pain in the ass to get and people have a reason to go.
I want a robot shirt that re-assembles itself with nanos so that it doesn't get ruined every time I get shot by the law and if it has camo, even better.
Nano shirts! And diamondweave fancy suits! I'd really like to see this on our Corpsec friends and super solos :) I love the Space idea too, Vera.
Great idea. It does seem like the camo nanos are a really niche product. This suggestion could encourage more people to consider them.

Maybe not Xo level of protection though. Compromise at ProTek given the added benefit of the camo.

The suggested description talks about trading out layers of armor protection for Diamondweave like material. So maybe it is as bulky as Xo, but protects like ProTek.

For protection:

Nano Suit + Nano Armor Piece = Xo3 Armor Piece

As opposed to:

Regular WAI Suit + Xo3 Armor Piece = WAI Suit & Xo3

My opinion as a non-GM, there seems to the potential for some game / gear balance issues here. If the nano armor is anywhere nearly as good as Xo3, then we create the situation where "nobody" will bother to buy Xo3 anymore because the nano armor is "good enough".

That is why I suggested ProTek layers of protection. That seems to me to strike the balance to being able to use cool stealthy chrome, but not be completely naked / without armor.

That being said, I think that good stealth is so powerful that a better target might be neXus levels of protection. But that's just me. That might swing the balance / benefit equation too far in the other direction. People might just decide that the additional costs of the armor don't justify the protection that it provides.

That was all more than covered in my original post, Hek.

Also I typo'd. Should be 'mimetic' not 'memetic'.