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very basic overview of ALL factions
Guide and build better factions

So, I say factions, this is Gangs, work places, megacorps, spooking syndicates, terrorist groups and basically anything that has a larger population that is joinable by a PC.

Having clear outset goals that are readily available to all makes it a LOT easier for people in, fighting against or wanting to know about the very basics and publically known details.

This would be something like

Terrorist group A - Likes fish, wants fish, wants all the fish, operates with bombs, sort of their signature, claimed to do the great fish heist in 98.

Syndicate A - Been operating since 50, primarily Scottish, loves haggis, uses axes and signature torture is the Scottish bun. Their goal is to make sure everyone wears a kilt to spread influence.

Gang A - Fight fight fight, we love fight, fight big, strong big, also we need medics to help us so we treat them nice. We hate chy, but love fight.

So on and so on.

I wrestle with this.

On one hand, certain information should be plentiful and available.

On the other hand, paydata is the lifeblood of RP.

So, I ask why not both?

Vague and obvious details at the surface.

Deep seated hooks in McGuffins belonging to corporations.

But what do we do for those other more elusive factions?

I think major organizations should have this, leaving the more secretive ones being able to remain hidden.

Corps, syndicates/criminal orgs, withmore gangs, major businesses. The super sneaky underground cabal wouldn't be on the list, but fun RP for you to discover. Or maybe X and Y faction have that list because of their own data, but not public knowledge.

I mean REALLY loose overviews and plot hooky type things. Even just one line would work. But I know of players in factions that don't know what those factions stand for. So even in the faction that knowledge that should be out there for the world to know, don't know.

Which is a problem.

I think this would be tremendously helpful for new and old players, giving them something a bit more tangible to grab on to.

There's a lot of fun to be had in investigating a faction IC and weeding through the rumors and bad data to figure out what is true and what isn't, but as it stands you can join a faction and still not really know anything about what drives them beyond speculation and guesswork.

Ideally, it'd be the responsibility of PCs to share this information with new faction members, but being the only PC in a faction would put this on a GM puppet and make more work for them.

So, what if faction members had access to a unique help file that gives them more to work with, similar to how help cyberware checks what cyberware you have installed and gives you information on it, you could check the user's faction information and give them a relevant help file that way.

Some type of mission statement, core values, a motto, general open-ended goals, etc. This could allow for characters whose values don't align with their faction to struggle to maintain them or at least give them values or goals to strive towards beyond just their character's goals.

The new lore system will support this, for factions that are public. We aren't going to include factions that don't have some kind of public notoriety though. But those are honestly pretty few and far between.