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You're never alone in the mix!

How about some randomly spawning vermin (rats, cockroaches, that sort of thing)? A bit like the random messes that spawn in offices. Something like

A tell tale patch of droppings hint at the presence of unwanted visitors


Occasionally a small black shape skitters across the floor

Then they could be exterminated one of two ways: brute force, or extermination chemicals (e.g. laying down poison or a bug bomb or something).

Brute force would involve needing some sort of blunt implement and pretty good reflexes. Your character just swats at whatever infestation has manifested until they kill them. This would probably be an agility test.

You hold your frying pan aloft and wait until the creature comes into view

With a deft motion, you bring your frying pan down on the vermin and....SPLAT! Got it!

Chemical extermination would reliably get rid of the infestation fairly quickly, perhaps opening up a business opportunity for an extermination firm.

If you wanted to be extra sneaky, perhaps you could even add live traps that allow you to capture the vermin to deploy elsewhere >:)

+1 I think this would be a great addition, especially giving a more regular reason for 3LP or similar services to be used in the mix.

Also, a fun possible gas bomb addition that can be used for this or more...nefarious purposes.

Also maybe some overgrown, mutated rats and cockroaches to be ambient dangers and give new combat-oriented characters an avenue of action.
Not so keen on it spawning combat creatures, as it perpertuates the idea that every single character has to have a combat ability and has potential to screw over none combat characters if NPC non-interactive combat that could kill you can just happen anywhere.

In my eyes that is not a fun scenario for anyone at all.

Certain mix vendors could also purchase the corpse :D
I think it would be more like a mess where the 'combat' is something anyone can do with the right tools (traps, frying pan, whatever) and just takes time.

They shouldn't be some giant cockroach that is killing you. Its just a mess to clean up.

Onboard with dawnshot 100% cue the jumping up on chairs squeeling at mice hurling frying pans RP :D