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Vehicular Espionage
Them stakeouts

Hi, I suck at BGBB-ing but I had an idea.

I think there is a lack of ways to take pictures stealthily and it's a really important aspect of espionage in this game so why not finally add a way to be down-low with it and take pictures from within a vehicle?

You're pretty limited mechanically when it comes to looking around in a vehicle but maybe it can work like a hybrid of 'peer' and 'aim' where you aim a camera outwards and it can snap a photo of the area or of a specific person.

'aim (cameraname)' while in a car would aim it outside and 'shoot here with (cameraname)' or 'shoot (person) with (cameraname)', perhaps.

Thanks for feedback.

Love this idea, also should work out of windows and off of ledges like sniping. +1
Hmmm. This sounds like it would a bit -too- stealthy, and I'm not sure I like that. Maybe if you still see a flash from inside the vehicle (which would leave you the consequence of having something someone can potentially trace) but I'll note this also would cut into a certain other IC method of taking photographs sneakily. Plus, vehicles are pretty quick.
Could meet half-way and have only especially aware people see the flash?
In a world of big brother/mother where you are photographed and recorded 100 times on your way to lev, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to snap a stealth shot. Maybe make it a roll where you can be noticed to balance it out akin to thievery.
I was sad recently when I tried this and it didn't work, though I assumed that because there was a different verb to look outside vehicles there might be some special code juju going on to interact across the inside-outside vehicle room divide.

You can peer out of a vehicle to look at people, it would be logical you could photograph them also.

Making it roll based is perfectly fair imo, if this was implemented.
Telephoto lens attachments to mod onto cameras, too, please??? Buy that extra gear for those distant room snaps!
From a car is probably fine (that's expensive tech and people might notice) but zoom lenses and stuff working apart from that would cut the risk/challenge out of snapping a photograph.
I think a car poses the same risk, Vera.

There's things people can do prevent other forms of surveillance, but there's no counter to "guy in a car".

Zoom lens seems like a neat upgrade for shooting over ledges. Small aperture lens for scenes and large aperture lens for close-ups. Maybe a higher shutter speed required for objects in motion.

Dunno if that's too good, though.

The 'risk' involved in photographs of a busy area is very overstated typically. There are pretty substantial meta protections for someone taking pictures in a high ambient population room. The player would see them taking a picture OOCly, and one could infer they were taking a picture of their character if they were the only other player present, but they couldn't really act on that within the bounds of small-worlding outside of some compelling reason to.

Doesn't apply as much to characters taking pictures of other characters mind you, careful where you point that camera...


Agreed, while I like the idea of working a camera like I could a scope, I feel it would be too damn OP. That being said HC is also right, no counter against 'guy in a car' unless the flash from within was visible. Maybe if a car is tinted it'll be almost impossible to see. But untinted, haha, gottem.

That's arguably even worse.

Not to give anything away but all cameras as of right now, in the various forms, have a chance to be spotter or sought after, if you're paranoid enough.

Whether held, installed, or remotely operated, you can spot them and even deal with them then and there without need for GM assistance.

Man-in-van has none of that. Because of the current nature of cars, there's pretty much nothing you can do.

And with an intrigue heavy game like SD? I'd say shooting people from cars with guns with no counter would be somewhat equivalent to letting people take pictures from vehicles with no counter as well.

I mean, honestly the entire vehicle system needs a rework. Perhaps something like this could be added during the rework if the vehicle balance mechanisms are changed a bit.