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Vehicle security system tweaks
A more logical approach with more opportunities for roleplay

While trying not to give away too many mechanics, it seems that security systems, when installed, automatically recognise who is the registered owner of a vehicle to add them to the security system. This doesn't make much sense from an IC perspective, as the security system just magically knows who the owner is, even if it's reset.

A more logical approach would be that when a security system is just bought, or has the reset button pressed, the first person to authorise themselves on it is recognised as the de-facto owner, until such a time comes that the security system is reset. This would allow more seedy roleplay, such as having someone else buy a vehicle for you so that it's not registered in your name for any illicit activities, or other such things.

I don't see this being easily abusable, as the system cannot be reset without the use of a garage, and most garages require the person to be employed there to be used. And in other cases, the vehicle has to be deliberately left there or broken into anyways.

It would certainly make things very lively, but I suspect few players would want to invest in or use vehicles when their possession was so tenuous and likely to be quite brief.

Apartments and vehicles both have a certain amount of 'true ownership' that can be bypassed in some cases but through plotting rather skill checks, which I think is a positive for the player experience since it lets players feel their deep gameplay investments are more than superficial and not likely to be casually lost while they're offline.

As I said, the only way this would be possible anyways would be in a garage scenario. You'd have had to intentionally leave your ride there for this to happen, or already had it broken into through other means, which is possible currently anyways.
I'm afraid those are not the only scenarios, and even if they were it would be an extremely low bar to meet to potentially lose possession of a vehicle forever.

Security systems have their quirks and are occasionally annoying, but my experience has been their protections outweigh outcomes where some characters dominate and control vehicle possession and access to the detriment of all others.

Those are the only scenarios that I am aware of, unless if it is possible to uninstall parts without a garage.
For instance: A vehicle being in a garage is not necessarily voluntary (or even known) on the part of the owner, and includes situations where the vehicle was taken from them, the vehicle was brought in by someone else who was authorized for operation but not authorization or ownership, or someone employed by a business who operates those vehicles, or where the vehicle did not have security to begin with by various energetic means.

It also does not account for not all vehicles being always vehicles per se, but rather hulks; whose ownership being determined by whoever got to them first would probably favor one or two characters to the exclusion of all others. Further any garage is not in any degree a limited or restricted tool, even though a specific garage may be.

That doesn't mean necessarily that things are perfect or could not be improved, but I do think that merely having to install a security system in a vehicle is simply too low a bar to surmount to determine effective ownership.

If the vehicle was taken from them, that was done through existing means in-game. Just the same as if they authorised someone to operate it, and that person abused that, it's on them for having taken that risk. I'm not aware of it even being possible for a vehicle to operate without a security system.

What I am saying is that for the vehicle to make it to the garage to have this done, the vehicle needs to have either been left there by the owner or someone authorised to operate it, or for the vehicle to have been broken into via existing in-game means. I don't see any difference between this to what is very much already possible in-game, of just stripping the entire vehicle for parts anyways.

I appreciate it may seem initially like a difficult thing to gain temporary access or temporary possession of any vehicle, but over time I think it would become clear that the whole vehicle ecosystem and all the archetypes it supports exists now on the basis of conditional or temporary privileges which do not escalate except in very controlled circumstances that generally have staff oversight.
There is another system in-game to determine ownership, which you should explore learning. The system being revamped to how it is now actually creates a much more dynamic experience, encouraging theft while giving victims a chance to recover if the thief doesn't go the complete mile, imo.