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Varying Weight of Clothing?

All tailored clothing seems to be 1.5 kg, or about 3.3 pounds. That's quite heavy -- is it possible to having clothing vary in weight by coverage?

1.5 kg is a reasonable (if a little high) estimate for how much a complete set of clothing might weigh. There are 22 possible coverage areas -- so maybe every @coverage you have set on an object makes it weigh like 60 grams?

This is an interesting idea. If it is not too difficult to implement, I think that setting weight by amount of coverage is a great suggestion.

I imagine that I am not the only person running up against weight limit challenges while trying to balance armor and clothing coverage.

Yeah.. A thin headband weighing three pounds is a bit much. >.>

Also, it might be good for clothing to take the cloth its made of in account too. e.g; thick leather is going to weigh much more than cheap cotton.

Yes! I, personally, wouldn't enjoy wearing 1.5kg socks.

It could also give incentive for armor wearers to accessorize - when a tailored arm-band in addition to your armor makes things too heavy, it feels silly.

Bumping this thread. I just made a one (tiny) slot coverage article of clothing and it was 2.1 kilograms. For a pair of underwear bottoms.

This really needs to be fixed. Thinking my clients are going to potentially get themselves killed because they're wearing my custom clothing as a tailor is just unacceptable.

Last time around there wasn't any response from staff on this.

I try to consider both sides of requests like this.

What potential downsides would lighter clothing have?

Database bloat.

Make it easier to bury valuable items under more layers.

Those are the two that come to my mind.

If someone wanted to bury valuables under multiple layers, there's nothing stopping them from using current non-tailored clothes that are plentiful and cheap to do so. Also don't have any clue what this has to do with database bloat.
There we go. Batko has spoken.

Full speed ahead with light weight clothing.

Honestly even without armor heavy clothing can still be a problem. I can’t really explain the issues I’ve had without getting into ic stuff but heavy tailored clothing can also make the difference between being able to fit into a small space and not being able to.
@Hek: A minor, somewhat off-topic quibble, but personally I don't think there has to be a real balance reason from staffside for an idea to go unremarked and unimplemented in the past. There could've just easily been too much other stuff with higher priority on their plate at that time or staff, being humans, probably just thought implementing this would be boring and never got around to it. Or they just plain forgot.

Which I think is why it's a decent idea to occasionally bring old ideas that staff hasn't said anything for or against back once in a while when a thread dies.


I did not mean to imply that a lack of staff commentary on the initial thread made it not worth resurrecting and continuing discussion.

My intention with mentioning balance was regarding Ideas in general.

I have only been playing here for a few years but it seems to me like a lot of changes are made to existing systems when staff finds people abusing edge cases, or finding new ways to use systems that provide an "unfair" advantage.

My suggestion is that when we discuss changes and new ideas, we make an effort to consider how the change might be abused (if at all).

This is the reason my character doesn't wear underwear/socks/accessories. +1
Also, if staff is interested, I'm willing to go research the average irl weight of materials, pair them with average weight of items of different coverage, and produce a spreadsheet. Leather dress vs leather shirt vs leather vest. Pleather(my idea of synth leather) vs cultured. Things like that.