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Utility chrome ideas
For those little devices that stand alone.

Cyber Hand Slot

PacWest Finger Phones II

A progia, but in the palm of your hand, LITERALLY! Possible to use Cybertechnician skills and devices to do many things, implant distortion, dump messages, and implant a bug software and the like.

VS BioFragrance gland

A pricy Biomodification that allows your body to naturally produce one of several exclusive fragances, and perhaps custom ones. Grants an active command to actively exude the fragance, making people notice it.

Expansion to existing facial chrome, to add the option of using IR flood lighting to obfuscate the face to cameras and recording devices(only) while maintaining a perfectly normal look for people without cyber eyes or those pesky cameras everywhere. I.E. it simply obfuscates the character name when powered on, and doesn't use disguise code- but only for those devices mentioned above.
EMT beacon:

Triggers on all loss of consciousness events to alert EMT staff within radio range of your realtime location and condition.

Wrist grapple:

Battery powered grappling hook and line launcher, with included high-speed powered winch. Simply point and shoot at your nearest rooftop in range, and it'll launch you right up to the top. Requires recharge time between uses to re-compress the launching mechanism.

Nito-Kodak Optical Surveillance Module:

Take photos with your cyber-eye. Transfer them to an existing camera, or print them with a replaceable film roll that connects to a socket near your eye. Has a higher PDS load than other eye modules due to the socket installation.

Allows taking photos from stealth and taking photos without any messaging to the room that you are doing so.

Clean-air Conversion Cyber-Intestines.

All the natural effects of intestinal absorption, but with the added benefit of waste conversion into clean air technology, supplying the dome with more oxygen.

Mechanically, it blocks the ability to use the bathroom, and instead emotes passing gas in one of ten floral aromas.

Oh, and the ever-popular request of: Metachrosis Skin but it lets you change your @skintone