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Update to @who list and numbers
Never let it be one

Just a thing that I think would be a beneficial change both because its never needed and because of meta reasoning.

I think that under @who, any area should never be listed as 'one is in the (location)'. A few, some, megasprals, tons, any non specific numeral descriptor is great, but as soon as you get down to a specific number, it feels very small worldy and useful for meta reasons.

Just my personal thoughts, but would love feedback as well.

Maybe for the Badlands regardless if one or ten or how many it could be "wanderers are in the Badlands". And for space "travelers are in space."
Would love that honestly - I understand why the thing exists, but in a place like space or the badlands being like 'one persons there' isn't exactly helping spur any RP given their vast play area.