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Update PDS Scripts

Right now, the PDS scripts are largely forced, repetitive actions. I think it would be much better if they were increasingly severe thoughts and feelings. (Some of them are, but not many.)


First, I think that after not that long on the game you get used to the scripts. People see someone acting a PDS script and they accept people's statement that it's PDS. If the only thing a script generates is 'you want to hurt Person X right now', though, now there's an RP uncertainty if someone claims 'PDS made them do it.'

Second, the scripts often are immersion-breaking in the context of RP. They range from 'making no sense in the scene' to 'referring to things that don't match the description of the room at all.'

Ultimately, almost everywhere we have policies about how people should act, including prompts from the code, and enforce it with XHELP. It seems like a relic of an earlier time that we don't do this with PDS. We should be telling people how to feel and act and expecting them to RP accordingly, so that PDS feels like a natural part of the world and not a jarring intrusion into it.

This scripts have been trimmed down I believe, much like drug scripts have. They used to be a lot more severe and *actually* made you hurt people for example.

But also the point of it is to be a reminder, for people who don't RP their sickness or downplay it as if it was some sort of inconvenient headache, which is not and that is bad RP.

If you do help 'pds' or search the wiki/Mind file about 'Psychophysical Disassociation Syndrome' you'll get an explanation of what PDS is and how to properly RP it outside of the scripts. These clues are enough to concoct a proper way to RP cues to give other players about your syndrome.

There is also a work/fix-it channel where players write things, among them they re-write and expand on old descriptions and scripts, there you could make a better case if you'd be willing in participating in the project of re-scripting PDS yet again.

It doesn't make you hurt people anymore? Huh.
Sorry for doublepost, but then what is really the consequence of PDS? If it only encourages you to be violent, but doesn't force it.
Agreed, it sure sounds like a nerf to me.
I don't mind the PDS scripts that force you to attack someone. It's the ones that make you say crazy things full of meaningless slang terms that aren't even in @slang that are really immersion breaking. It's like if the scripts were making you repeat the Budweiser commercial with the frogs; they just feel dated.
Wanted to resurrect this thread. Certain prompts simply do not work as mentioned. Things like hallucinating a giant rat while in an apartment on Green? Not to mention having the same message play out every ten minutes gets too repetitive.

The most bothersome aspect is the messages are forced, it allows no room to RP PDS for your character and their personal issues. Any disorder or syndrome is going to be slightly different for every person and these scripts dictate far too specifically.

My suggestion would be to mention aspects such as a lack of caring, feeling separated from reality, sudden anger, etc...Let players riff off of these themes considering we are here to RP.

Totally valid concerns and feedback here. For those interested, I would suggest hopping over to the script-development bgbb, reviewing the google drive and proposing these changes by offering alternative babble-on scripts.

A lot of the scripts could use touch-ups and updates but they're well within the sphere of the communities to influence or straight-up submit changes. So, I recommend y'all seize the day.

Totally agree with reefer here.

They used to be much more involved but we're nerfed due to consistent complaints from players that they didn't leave enough room for rp. Check out the scripting section. I keep an eye on that.