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Prank or tactic? You decide

What the holy shit.
|C|HoodSlip>> I like running up behind bakas and pulling their hood back.

Make this a thing! It could work like one of the other commands which automatically initiates combat.

Stat/skill requisites? Perhaps scaling with the disguise and/or dodge abilities of the victim.

I'm of two minds. On the one hand, I've always felt it's a bit rough that at certain levels of disguise, there's really not much you can do to counter the disguise. But on the other hand, I think the new disguise rules already give you a lot of freedom to get through a lot with good detective work and I'd worry something like this would get really twinky.
I'm not suggesting it should be easy.
One hiccup is that with some disguises, even identifying the fact that a character is disguised IC (by trying to remove their disguise for example) is itself metagaming.
Limit it to hoodies and ponchos?
I'd personally love to see shrouds weakened so other disguise mechanisms see more use. Having to worry about someone yanking off your poncho might be one way to do that.
Does this not already exist in the trust system with strip?

Are you suggesting this should only apply to hoods and one or two other easily removable disguises? I'm just thinking about the practicality of the action.

Grapple + Strip.
I'm not talking about doing it to someone who trusts you.

I'm responding to 0x1mm's point that some disguises aren't supposed to be perceptible as disguises. Also pulling a hood back should have a different level of difficulty than removing a helmet or other obvious concealer worn on the head/face.

Strip can already be applied to disguises that could be removed. You just need to grapple or render your victim unconscious first, which is a reasonable amount of RP to do this sort of thing.

I worry this would remove some of the work that has gone into preventing meta regarding disguises. As it is it is not uncommon for some players to simply approach a disguised player for "being suspicious" based simply on wearing s disguise items bthat are incredibly common amongst the ambient population, even with the latest efforts to reduce meta. Giving those kinds of players the tools to just randomly strip someone of their disguise without engaging in RP is something that concerns me.


It seems like you're asking for a command like 'disarm' but for disguise items? Instead of targeting an opponent's weapon, is targets their disguise?

I feel like disarm (or wrest) and steal are each good comparisons to be made here, where, yes you could grapple and choke someone out to have the same desired outcome as those mechanics, but a less difficult, less "all-in" ability might fill an interesting gameplay niche.
xto Hek yeah, you get the idea.
I understand the ask.

I think this is not necessary because there are already systems in place to cover these types of actions.

The system is going to assume that someone who is disguised is going to do everything in their power to remain disguised.

Disguises slip over time depending on what the characters wearing them do. One of the things that causes disguises to slip is combat.

If a character wants to see who is under a disguise, they can engage in combat and handle the interaction that way. (grapple, strip, etc.)

It seems to me like a command to dodge around combat is just ripe for abuse.

In comparing two hypothetical characters with the same total UE spent, a character who has spent UE on the ability to disguise themselves is going to be disadvantaged against a character who focused purely on combat.

To grant a character who is fully focused on combat yet another tool in their arsenal to reveal disguised characters seems imbalanced.

If the GMs hadn't recently given carte blanche to accost characters who you think just, might, maybe, perhaps in some way be the person you are looking for, I might be able to see the value in an 'undisguise' command. But given that the bar has been significantly lowered for accosting disguised characters, I feel like having to 'defeat' a disguised character through combat is a fair trade off.

Do you disagree?

Not really, I just like the idea.