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Trash-tier Aeroboard
Something for low-level aero-techs

VzzX-290 Aeroboard: Trash tier gyroscopic scooter-like aeroboard that has a high chance of tossing you off the edge every time you try to fly it upwards.

If you fall off, it will continue to float away somewhere until it runs out of ethicol or gets stuck in the garbage and explodes.

It has been recalled a thousand times already but somehow shipments of these deathtraps keep getting into Withmore.

(Came up as an idea for something simple that low-level aero-techs could work on. And for low-level pilots to look cool for 10 seconds before breaking their bones.)

Skate or die!
I always wanted a hoverboard like the one from back to the future.

I think that the fly vs land thing, is also a divide thing, because flying is more expensive.

If you have a cheap flying scooter, it still would be more expensive than a cheap bike. So maybe not that cheap after all.

Hence the high odds that it explodes in the air if you try to take it too high.

Single-story building? Like 10% explosion chance.

Roof of WH? Maybe 45%.

Roof of XH? 75%.

Gold? 90%.

Then you plummet to your death. 😎

I actually had a long talk with Cerb about lower tier aeros a while back, and if the sentiment rings true, the reason we'll never see hoverboards or hoverbikes is due to the sheer power flight has.

There -is- a "cheap" way to use piloting, along with positions that allow you access, but in order to get such an advantage, you'll either need to play by certain rules or shell out for a luxury item yourself.

While interesting/hilarious, I don't think low tier flight capable vehicles could or should ever see the game. Though a couple -slightly- cheaper options from those currently available might be interesting, just for variety.

Neat idea! There are a few posts on ride-ables and human-powered vehicles from back in the day that I've listed below.

Personally, I think we need the motorcycle code combined with the aero code to make some hoverbikes (that people will die on without random explosions) before we get there.

Would have to agree, though it seems to fit themely more or less, it doesn't work well with the dynamics within the Dome.
The sort of "affordable verticality" that hoverbikes would provide are already, in my opinion, provided by items already in the game. With the added risk and skill/stats necessary.
Yeah we have this already. FOIC.
I honestly just want skateboards that use the skill.
I expect a gift-wrapped exploding hoverbike at my doorstep tomorrow morning, Vera. 😁