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Trading Cards
Collect 'em all

Suggesting collectible trading cards on all the different famous faces of Withmore.

There could be a card shop with NPCs who do rotating trades and will buy and sell certain cards each day.

The cards would essentially act like photos and can be stored in a special binder, and if you show a certain NPC your binder you could get put on a leaderboard for best card collection.

Different cards can have different rarity types, ranging from mundane cardboard to holos, to solid gold or something, which changes how much their worth.

This is an awesome idea, though I feel like it should be more high-tech somehow. Maybe built into the CritterDex system somehow? Famous people as Critter Trainers or something?
Physical collections means more opportunity to beat that collector until their cards become your cards.

Physical collections are cool and all but I am afraid of anything that is going to make staff yell at me for having too many things more often.
I like this idea as a whole solely to bring up old names and street legends who have made an impact on Withmore.

Though also...this could be done by someone ICly to get the ball rolling. People are doing plenty of other printed goods as of late..

More McGuffins, not bad.
If we do it as a 'deck' or other such collection object, it can be one thing that just records what is in the collection. In this way, its not individual objects for all the cards that everyone has. This kind of system could even support playing with the cards if its a refactor of playing cards and just lets you use the same mechanics to play your own games without code enforcing any sort of specific card game rules.

Sounds like the perfect followup from Turbo Zoom!