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Topside Food
"Corpie bitches love Chipotle"

With recent talks in the town hall about a flying corporate restaurant (which Johnny proclaimed -must- be Korean BBQ), it got me thinking more about sector identity in terms of what's available and how that plays into cultural identity.

This'll be a bit of a read, so I apologize in advance.

As mentioned earlier, there's a -wealth- of culture in food, being one of the main foundations of defining one, creating it by demand of internal and external influences which define said culture and their cuisine being more of a byproduct of it. In the Mix, you have not only recognizable Mixer brands such as Tony's, Bitchn Chickn, and Meltdown, and the recently added Cup O Joys, all with identifiable foods and containers, alongside other things like the various carts strewn about, showcasing the food born from necessity.

This is contrasted by topside venues, where there is a distinct lack of branding in my opinion, but with a clear opportunity for it. I'll include the exceptions at the end, but in no particular order, of what's available to the average citizen...

Two sushi places that both sell generic coffee/booze with minimal exclusive products.

Two food courts, also with few unique objects.

A diner with a smattering of availability.

A coffee cart selling more generic drinks.

The exceptions of course being the more recent additions to the food courts and KMB, which is more a creature of it's own that I can't really include in this argument.

However, while no corporate citizen would ever be caught dead eating a rat kebab or kitten taco, there's never much of a retaliation heard for a Mixer eating a cupcake or drinking an Italian soda, because they're not hard-coded into the player mindset as being "corporate".

This idea comes with an understanding of the obvious amount of work it'd entail for such an undertaking, but I'd like to suggest making an effort to fill a perceived void by branding some objects and places, increasing the "punch" of their image, and helping build the culture around them.

Corpies buying a MegaKaf latte, just to be seen holding the cup.

Mixers having their artisan ciabatta bun slapped from their hand by a ganger as they go to take a bite.

There's already a few brands that lean predominantly corporate that I can think of already, or that have none at all, however there's no real divide and they're still available in the Mix.

I'd certainly volunteer myself to help in the process, if there's an interest, but I wanted to put this out there and see if other players shared the view.

This is one of those small additions that would add an abundance of thematic flavor to the game!

I totally agree that there should be more of that punch to corporate branding topside (And in an ideal world, maybe even more to the mix, as well!). Food selection & branding is a fantastic, subtle way of showing nuances and differences in the theme, and everyone in the the Dome has to eat, right?

Think of all the cuisine that's just ripe for corporations to water down and kill - I'd be ecstatic to see Corpies buying their hydroponic Tabbouleh and nutri-hummus from the Happy Sheikh™ or dishing out chyen for that top-of-the-line pinot grigio plastered with the face of NLM's latest starlet. Fast food to fine dining, I think it can all be marketed down our throats!

Even in the mix, more variety is aces. It'd be great to see a Burrito Bandit™ open up to peddle tasteless mush in a wrap to mixers, or a battered NutriSoy Bar™ dispenser with a busted hologram on a street corner. So long as it feels faceless and mass-produced, I think it'd do a lot for the theme!

Maybe I share your views to an extreme, but I think it'd be really fun! And I'd for sure be willing to help in the process as well, if needed.

Absolutely on the same wavelength I am, Lion.

And on the topic of "faceless", making it VIVIDLY faceless. Colorfully bold and generic.

+1 sounds great (though I understand it's an undertaking)
+1 and I'd be willing to help as well.
I love the idea, easy way to add the definition and them shame/fame someone for their choices, though I won't be of any use with descriptions I am afraid, I can barely make a coherent emote.
Food is a really big part of life. Definitely love this idea. I thought itd be cool to be able to have cooking as an added skill under artistry, but since that's definitely super involved to change, I think just adding more variety and more exciting items/restaurants with which to be shamed would be super great.
I'm pretty sure Cerberus was the one to come up with that flying sushi bar thing and so far I thought it was halted. If it's still on the way it's pretty lovely and I liked his ideas of having 'themely' food as well - airport food for Neo, merch stuff for NLM and organic/health guru shit for VS.
No more sushi! What about more varieties? TexMex? Spanish? Chinese? Korean? Etc. Why do we need more Japanese food?
Because SD is full of anime nerds.
I was really surprised when I went up to the mall on Green that they served bitchin' chicken and stuff. I heavily support this idea. It would make running cross-sector more of a thing. Like when a corpy wants some filthy mix food, or a high-class mixer wants a taste of the high-life.

I think there's already specialist stores and stuff, but it would be cool if the divide was more stark on food items.

Lemme get that artisinal topside Kimchi
To Grizz and BB:

There's actually some interesting writing on it.

Japanese and Western culture both fetishized one another during the early creation of the genre and blah blah blah each became a backbone of respective media. Fun stuff.

Let me write more food.

Let me write more food.