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TIME&DATE on e-note printouts
"Did you write this before or after you got creased?"

Hi! So if you're ever used an e-note, you know that the device records the time and date that a note was added. However, when you print out the note, there is no option to display this metadata on the printout itself. I propose that an option be added so that when you print out a note, you can either not include the time & date, or you can have the note's time & date included -> maybe in a different font or separated purposefully from the rest of the text, so that it's verifiably authentic. And the option to do this would be a selection similar to how you choose whether you want a flyer, resume, or newspaper-type printout.

This will add a new dimension to the use of e-notes as a means to produce paydata, and will also give a purpose to the metadata that the e-note stores in its memory. It would be used for proof and evidence purposes, i.e. "My ex wrote this suicide note -before- I broke up with her, not after." You could distribute evidence that may disprove accusations against you, or prove your loyalty to someone based on e-note records you kept and made copies of.

Some additional ideas branching off of this: People who have the skill to unlock an e-note could, in theory, hack into an e-note and mess with the dates to make something seem like it was written earlier or later than it actually was. Of course, it will always be possible to delete a note and re-write it again for it to have a more recent date, or just not include the date on the printout in the first place. It'll be an option that you can choose when you print something out.

I really hope that you consider this idea, as it would encourage a more sophisticated way to engage with paydata. Characters could use this option to solve mysteries, drop false clues, or show proof that things were written before other events happened. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on having the option to display the time&date of writing on e-note printouts.

We capture this data already on the e-note, so being able to put it on the print-out would be nice.

Maybe the best way to implement this would be with a fourth print-out category called 'Report', which might act like the 'Newspaper' printout but include the time automatically at the top. That might also help with another issue -- often, e-note printouts are called 'Flyer' or 'Newspaper' even when that isn't really the most sensical title for the sort of document it is. Having a generic, dated document format might also fill that use case and have fewer 'Newspaper [Introductory Bedroom Positions]' items floating around.

I like adding "Report" or "Dossier" as a type of paper.

But what are you all doing not adding a time and date to your printed documents? Type it in when it matters to you.

When it doesn't, enjoy the RP of trying to track down dates and times.

I think svetlana's point is that having a timestamp auto generated creates some level of paydata.
If this were implemented I wouldn't want it to be optional. It's already an optional thing you can do.
If this were implemented, I would want a way to fake the date and time of printing.