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The fuck you lookin' at?
High perception showing when people look at things.

In the last MUD I played, you would automatically see when someone looked at you, which mostly made sense. In a big city, it doesn't make as much sense, as a room could be very crowded and you might have no idea someone is looking at you.

However, if you have super high perception, maybe you do notice. Maybe when a person looks to the north to see anyone there, you catch a glimpse of them looking north. Maybe especially if you are addressing them.

Could lead to a lot more, "Take a viddy, baka, it'll last longer." moments which are always entertaining. Could also have to do with the other person's agility, if they're real sly you might not catch them looking. I dunno, thoughts?

No please.
Just no? What don't you like about it? You don't ever notice when someone is starting at you in a coffee shop and have that awkward moment when they realize they've been spotted?
Staring** at you
I hate this idea.

There is enough spam in the game with the cyberpunk world oppressing you. I don't want look spam at me too. More importantly, unlike other games that have this feature, this game is about roleplaying, and knowing details about who you're roleplaying with is important. And I don't want to memorize every detail about you just to cut back on the number of times I'm looking at somoene. There are too many people to RP with and when I'm OOCly looking at someone so I can get a sense of how to address something about that person, I don't want to spam. And you will get spammed.

We're talking, potentailly, a couple times a minute just because I look at people a lot some times. I do it sometimes just because it creates line breaks that make it easier for me to focus on what to look at when I look back at my computer.

I want people to look at me and see my cool @nakeds and clothes. This would discourage that.
I constantly look in all directions, specially in crowded rooms... imagine the spam for those poor, highly perceptive players :(
Ditto Vera.
It has some merit but it also has more merit to lead to ridiculous situations like "oma gerd u luked at me lets fight" type situations. That's all I ever saw of it from another moo anyways.