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Tear gas

One of the staple ingredients of any good cyberpunk story is oppressive governments. One of the most effective non lethal repression methods I have witnessed is tear gas. Implementing this in the form of a new item, much like the current M-82S or the ZMI fragmentation grenades.

The effects: having been a victim of teargas myself, the most direct translation it can have into mechanical effects is a stats nerf. Your perception should be lowered to almost nil. Induce burn wounds in the eyes? Perhaps slow you down (think of when you try to charge through a boulder or open a manhole) and make your speech slurred/jagged. Many possibilities to implement with currently existing mechanisms.

The balance: tear gas shouldn't have an immediate effect. It should give you a 5-10 seconds headstart to notice the smoke and to disperse. Effectively this would be a tool to disperse crowds and catch those who aren't "aware enough" (I'm looking at you, idlers). Also, implementing a gas mask object and adding protective functionality to already existing items such as Xo3, Xo5, and WJF helmets.

And finally, make it reliant on the explosives skill! Add another use to the marginal skillset to increase its value among players.


There is a gas grenade in game that was supposed to make you hallucinate or something. It was tossed at me once many many many moons ago, But it was bugged and didn’t work, so it was shelved. I’m sure a coder of today could fix and balance it better then a coder of 13 years ago (when other stuff was priorized snd such) I think tear gas is splendid. Really clears out the sinuses too.
In addition, it should reflect on your endurance and gear loadout. When I went through BCT in the army, we hit the gas chamber. It sucked. It sucked real bad, but you look at some of those seasoned drill sergeants with endurance past the curve just standing there like it ain’t nothing.
To tack on to this, I'll admit I'm not really thinking this through except that it's an obvious extension, what about a single use pepper spray that applies the same effect to a single target?
This would be pretty cool in game. I think it fits in the theme. Imagine throwing one of these in a crowded room....

Another affect could be that if you don't move during the initial 5 to 10 seconds, you get disoriented and your movement is affected.

We already have theme-appropriate crowd control weapons that are pretty neat, and no I don't mean sonics.
But that's not how teargas works. Sure make it so you might move in the wrong direction like when drunk, because of perception issues, but mobility is not affected. Also talking from experience, the more times you're exposed to it, the less the effect that it has.

Also it doesn't explode and fill the room, it does so slowly over time and lastly there should be ways to defend from it, without resorting to helmet filtration. Even from the 90s people who were prepared could counter it really cheaply.