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Teaching skills
A benefit to roleplaying training with other players.

I'm sure this has been discussed plenty before, but as a new-ish player I'm interested in people's thoughts on this.

As it stands, as far as I know, the only benefit you get from training with someone is whatever IC information they decide to impart upon you. It's usually information regarding how a skill works, or what stats you should spend UE on, told from IC perspective.

Now, there's nothing wrong with this. It's a good thing that players should seek out other players in the same vocation to learn more about it. The point where I feel something is lacking, is when you OOC (and possibly IC) know how the skill works and what stats you should be getting. Because at that point, you have no real reason to train with another player and roleplay that out, even though an accomplished thief could learn a lot from a master thief. But it's very likely that the accomplished thief will gain nothing IC oor OOC from training with the master thief.

What I propose is a simple system to reward players mechanically for roleplaying training with other players. Perhaps a way to save logs of the last 10-20 emotes and say commands from both (or more) players involved. An admin reads over it to make sure no one's abusing the system, and clears it to award one extra UE a per day. Or week, if perhaps one a day might upset Sindome's slow progression too much.

I think something like this would prove a nice small incentive for players to share their knowledge, without upsetting the balance of progression or making people feel as if they need to train together to be strong.

To be honest, I think there is already massive incentive to RP training and I'd rather not encourage people to go and perform rote training poses with someone so they can snag that extra UE. And this will all consume staff resources as they weed out the bad stuff and then have to argue the point with disappointed players.

What are the incentives? Connections and story.

Sindome is not a game where any one character is ever going to become unbeatable all on their own. You can get close but at the end of the day it is the connections you make that will make you powerful. Even resources are useless if you don't have people you can buy with them. Finding a mentor and doing training sessions with them is an opportunity to make such connections and a very good one at that.

And even if you don't make an ally and instead get screwed over or killed or worse because you went out to train? You just made your character's story a bit better than it was before and a whole lot more interesting than the guy that is attacking his sofa and hiding from his kitchenette when he isn't running crates.

As far as the rote poses and strain put on staff go, I really don't think much more needs to be said there.

Just my initial take on the matter. :-)

I think a big part of teaching as it stands now is making connections with people. The game's main theme is cooperative competition, and the student-sensai relationship is a huge part of that. Teaching builds trust, whether real or not in the long term, between two people.

It gives the student a chance to learn the deeper mechanics of the game and it gives the teacher a chance to make chy, or send them on errands, or what-have-you.

I do sort of like the idea of a UE reward for good RP from the staff, but I think it just opens up a whole pandora's box of people complaining to staff about not getting their ice cream when they RP'd so hard for it.

I'm against this idea - purely because it'll just lead to abuse and problematic favoritism. If you want to take someone under your wing do it with chyen and gear.

That said, if this took on the form of donating your UE to another player in the form of SKILL specific training - it would have a degree of built-in checks/balances.

Maybe a use for that ae thats coded in but not used :3 give assigned points in the skill trained and then the person uses them to acknowledge that they received em.