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Tattoo removal with SkinWriter
Getting rid of phantom spaces

At present, to remove a tattoo with the SkinWriter you have to enter a single space character (' '), which then overwrites the current tattoo. If you try to just enter nothing at all, you get the message that you need to enter -something-.

The issue with this is it leaves an extra space between nakeds, which can just look a bit off. Would it be possible to either add a new command to the SkinWriter that removes the selected slot instead of adding, or make it so that there's no check for content when you enter a tattoo (ie, so that you could just press enter for an empty string)?

I think this has been brought up before, but +1. If it was possible to go the extra mile, maybe add a skill check.
I think having tattoo artists also be able to use Future Tattoo Technology to remove tattoos with the Skinwriter would be totally appropriate, with exceptions for people who have specific unremovable tattoos for IC reasons.
Well we actually already can do that, himble, which I'm super happy about, but it leaves a space. And yeah you're not allowed to remove BANISHED tattoos or others in that vein.
It has been a couple years but I recall someone in authority deciding that it was an exploit to blank out any tattoo to remove them, was that walked back sometime later or do people just do it anyway because it's useful?
I believe that was Cerberus, but after some discussion is was determined to be a service that was expected to be RP'd.
Got it, glad to be on the same page as everyone else. Then yeah, having a way to do it without it leaving the space would be golden, I agree.
Yes. We decided that you are allowed to remove tattoos with a skinwriter as long as you do not abuse it by removing things you shouldn't. If you are unsure, xhelp before doing the job.