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Tattoo Removal Require A Doctor

Right now, removing a tattoo is easy -- just blanking it out with a SkinWriter.

It would be cool if completely removing a tattoo required a doctor to do some work, maybe with a timer. The new tattoo system would support that well.

First time a doctor does it, the short-desc becomes

'%N has a faded tattoo on %p %bodypart.'

And the long description stays the same.

Second time, it blanks entirely.

I wouldn't remove SkinWriters' ability to alter existing tattoos to correct typos or do coverups. I might put in something like a 'help tattoo-play' to say that coverup tattoos should respect the fact that they are coverups, but let people handle that ICly. If you want to turn your dick tattoo into a flower and it makes IC sense, great.

Are you suggesting it should require use of the medicine skill or a licensed individual?
Use of the medicine skill or at least access to a facility that lets you 'heal' people. It would be something to add to 'medical RP' also that is more than just 'heal name.'
Not sure I agree with the idea of something of a cosmetic niche being tied to multiple skills that do not really syingise meaningfully. Given the tech advances in the skin writer as a tech to essentially impregnate and remove ink from the skin, I does not seem to make sense that medical knowledge would be needed beyond basic knowing of the dermis.

Maybe an apposed skill check instead? A very highly skilled artist might be able to write ink into the skin that is harder for an novice to remove entirely.

I tend to agree with Fopsy on this. Besides, even in today's world, tattoo removal can be done in ink shops.
I think I know the reason why this idea was posted. Without getting into too many details, I believe the point of this was forcing tattoos on people as punishment, and hoping to make them stick.

And there is already a way for a specific faction to give players tattoos that can't be erased.

I think a solution could be implementing a third tattoo device, halfway between a skinwriter and this other permanent tattoo gun, with limits to what can be done with them (think having it be just words) but they need time and medical knowledge to be removed. Could be justified as a former prototype version of the permanent tattoo gun, once restricted, but now being put on the market for certain factions to make use of.


I am confident I know exactly why this was brought up.

I think though, that there a multitude of ways to ensure punshiment tattoos stay in place without any need for mechanics changes or additions. With a bit of inventiveness that can spawn more RP and make choices in removing them much more considered. Simply adding

"Removal of this tattoo will forfit your right to life" within the tattoo itself you know scare or warn any tattooist, then follow up on that, get bounties out there, be public about it to stand behind a punishment like that.

Adding in a function like this will just narrow down those that can remove and add these types of tattoos but actually changes nothing. A different approach to how these are handled using RP I think would be a better idea, perhaps even searching for a way of getting 'sanctioned punishment tattoos' that while can be removed are considered a crime to do so before a date added to the tattoo.

Just my two chy

I really like fopsy's idea! There doesn't need to be any mechanical changes to tattoos when you could just use good old-fashioned intimidation ;) Put a conditional bounty on the character saying that if they're spotted walking around without the tattoo, or even trying to -hide- the tattoo, then they die...

It would also keep the punishment fresh in the character's mind.