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Tailor applied custom @worn on armor
Custom fit and bespoke dough for maximum mix-rich

Dovetailing from my other idea about custom make-up messages, the idea also occurred to allow tailors of sufficient skill to apply a new @worn message to stock wearables such as armor, perhaps with the requirement (like %color) that %t is included in the @worn to avoid any ambiguity.

The endlessly repeated two paragraphs with WAI suit + Xo/Protec for the majority of combat-oriented characters does get a bit old, this might allow for a bit of style in the boilerplate texts.

Armor is meant to look mass-produced. It isn't fashionable and shouldn't be or no one would ever wear anything else. Plus, those two paragraphs are important for me to understand at a glance whether I can take a swing on this baka or whether I need to go get a friend.

You can accessorize with armor and even cover it up in certain cases. Let clothes be clothes and armor be armor.

I disagree, I think gated behind sufficient skill-level it wouldn't be an automatic thing but would allow for some interesting customization. At ten kay per piece from elite tailors would ever ganger walk around in custom ProTek? I think no.

Those two paragraphs should also not be important to you for combat purposes. For one, you should (and are I'm sure) use glance to check equipment quickly, @worn is for flavor and descriptive quality and load-outs there can be obfuscated already through any manner of clothing additions or simply hidden entirely by wearing a shroud.

Perhaps if it was treated like tattoos, where the custom message is appended after the stock message?

Allow name badges, corporate logos, etc to be added... Would be pretty cool.

On the other hand that would create a massive extra slice of market for tailoring chars (both adding these and possibly removing them for... reasons), and I do wonder if artistry really needs that sort of buff?

Perhaps if it was linked to munitions skills or something instead?

An append might be less of a dramatic change, though one of the reasons I suggest it is some armour has like, ridiculously verbose @messages, and being able to clip them down would help outfits stand out and be actually be readable.
Stickers exist and do this.