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Switch fix-it to a Proj Mgmt Solution

Currently if you want to work on a fix-it project, you either have to be in the channel when the request is made, or you need to manage to spot it in @rewind.

I would suggest that the fix-it queue be switched over to a project management system like Trello (not suggesting trello be used, just this is the one I have used so it's my example.). This will let people check the fix-it queue at their leisure, between RP sessions to see if there's anything that needs to be worked on, and will help keep old projects from falling off the radar.

This would be wonderful. I often want to work on a fix-it project later and then I forget what needs to be done.
Check out @xstatus to check the current status of long form requests.
I tried this but all I get is:

Game-Help [ noisy ]

Owned by Johnny.

653 listeners, 40 of whom are online.

Relays to Slack

'@xstatus' is like 'xm' or 'xmo'. It operates on your primary channel. So to see '@xstatus' for fix it you first need to '@xswitch fix-it' then run the command.

Of course, this feature needs to be utilized by staff to be of any real use. I know that, in the past, it has not been kept up to date as some staff do not know about the feature, some prefer to work in other ways.

But if this was kept up to date it would probably be a super useful tool that meets at least some of what the original poster was hoping to see.

Yeah, I feel like we could use some better tooling around this... what wold be most useful?

If you desire to put in additional effort on this, I would suggest something website based, rather than having to rely on in-MUD tracking. This would allow for more granular statuses on projects, and those who volunteer for a project can be specifically linked to that project, rather than a pile that is communally picked from.

But the @xstatus tool is for sure useful right now, so thanks again for showing me that, Johnny!

It's pie in the sky but I would love a SD website based system with hooks to our public google drive and incentivization with bgbb titles based on Karma + "Fix-it" points.

Most of all please let it have satisfying checkboxes.

All these ideas are cool. It would be nice to have an easier system for project display/tracking on fix-it.
The more I think about it - the more I realize this and a web-based moo-linked changelog could occupy the same space. One for Player-based projects and one for admin code changes.
I'd like it to stay in MOO. In MOO tools get used more reliably because people don't have to look away from their character. And it would stay very separate from code changes.