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Suicide with your weapon of choice
For the linkin park fans

You should be able to commit suicide in your cube while listening to depressing music and the drone of the entire dome on SIC making fun of you. Why not allow yourself to eat a bullet at your own hand, commit seppuku, slit your wrists, or bash your head in with a steel pipe?
Is there the potential for disappointing failure if your weapon skill isn't high enough?

Okay, I'm in. Now, where's my crowbar...?

Try mRc.
Sorry, drugs aren't for everyone. I want to meet jesus clean and pure
I'm surprised that this is not already a thing. It should be.

Rent cube.

WCS to New Rose... again.

There are already plenty of ways to kill yourself and I know that the signature quote of the game is related to suicide. But do we really need even more?

I don't really mind, I just think there are more pressing things we could be focusing on.

Like AV rappeling?
It isn't an idea thread without "There are plenty of ways/more things" response.

We won't let you automatically kill yourselves like that, it'll break the game. You'll all shoot yourselves or cut or stab or hit yourselves in gruesome ways out of nowhere. We facilitate this kind of RP in the very very very rare instances where it's IC and themely and it adds something to the story.
You really think EVERYONE is going to suddenly kill themselves to test it out?


okay, all sarcasm and joking aside, there is cyberware that let's you do this.
And suicide booths... skywalks... Judges... gangers... sewers... swimming pools... buildings...
exactly so what's one more?
Hmm... if you were to try this, there is an interesting hint that it has at least been considered as a feature at some point ;)
I'll commit rope neck to test this.

Though, it's an idea I'm neither for nor against overall. It'd add a bit more something to the game, but is it a something we need?

Can we adjust the webclient sounds so that this plays on their client whenever someone commits suicide by hanging?

It makes suicide too safe and easy to game. Jumping off a skywalk or using the booth at least gives people the chance to mess with your body and your chrome. Offing yourself in your apartment doesn't make any RP happen.
You are limiting it to just one scenario though.
Bumped for griz <3
Oh hey thanks.
"It makes suicide too safe."


"It makes suicide too safe."


This sounds like a horrible oxymoron, but it's true.

Who better to use to frame a murder on friendo than yourself?
Safe suicide is just a funny concept to me when all the other examples of being able to kill yourselves in the safety of your own home exist in game already.

If someone really wants to suicide they're going to, so why not at least let them commit seppuku after a SIC roast or with the WJF beating down their door?

Imagining every player killing themselves just to see the suicide message is pretty funny but I highly doubt that would be the case.

Is it really that bad? Let's say you kill yourself in your apartment. Three months later, someone else got the apartment, and they find a horrifying putrid corpse that is absolutely unrecognizable and has filthied up the entire room with rotting flesh and maggots eating it away.

Besides, not everyone who suicides want people to know. Skywalking or suiciding is often connected to wanting attention, and it always gets attention. I don't see how it is 'too easy' as technically you should be able to do it, you just codedly can't. At best, you could maybe ask if a staff member can kill you after you roleplayed seppuku-ing yourself. A lot of people suicide with weapons. Whether it is 'too easy' or not, it's something that is incredibly easy to do in real life, not allowing it is kind of like not allowing someone to eat if they have a sandwich. It's unrealistic and makes no sense.

Again, I'm all for it, whether it is fluff or not. It's not something game-changing enough so I get if they have more important things to do. But I don't think it would be bad to add it either.

+1 to @Grizz's amazingly implicit idea of tying @suicide to a UE granting PlayTip.

"Good work chummer. You've figured out that at the end of the day, your life really is in your own hands." +0.5 UE

Is there a suicide play tip? I don't remember that, and I've used the booth in the past.
There are several IC scenarios where corpsing yourself is technically the 'optimal' thing to do and I think having it be as simple and easy as a command to die will encourage people to kill themselves to avoid certain consequences.
Actually- ignore my last post, that was stupid, I got myself good for a bit. Even if it was a playtip, it wouldn't work because if you had a clone, you wouldn't get the points from the old unupdated body. Maybe if you got revived or like, corpsecloned but.. eh.
You get lot of consequences by killing yourself too. And it should still be considered meta if you do it without having enough IC motivation. Just like suicide has rules. People will ultimately be mature enough to follow the rules or not. If they don't, they're not gonna be around long enough to matter.
The current obvious ways of offing yourself give other players the opportunity to (1) discover that you've killed yourself and (2) mess with your body. Both of these are good because they're opportunities for other players to mess with you. If someone can kill themselves in their apartment without being discovered they can reduce all the risk and cost of dying to just the price of a new clone. And there are several situations where people would want to do this for OOC reasons.
"Ahhh man he stole my kill by killing himself."


"Sweet that little bastard saved me chy on ammo."

You decide.

The current obvious ways of offing yourself give other players the opportunity to (1) discover that you've killed yourself and (2) mess with your body.

Disagree. Like I said, you can kill yourself in the comfort of your own home already and for cheaper (or a more extreme case with cybernetics more expensively) . Is messing with every corpse the pinnacle of importance here? I see the value in it but I also don't see the extreme necessity to mess with every corpse of every suicidal person.

From a utility and theme perspective it would make a lot of sense to me to have an increasing reliable way to introduce yourself to the reaper as your whatever weapon skill improved.

It is entirely logical in a world where you simply clone out when you die that trained combatants would be ready and able to take themselves out of the equation rather than face discovery, capture, torture, public execution, et cetera. A dead body is a lot of plausible deniability that a living one isn't.

Good way to frame people and give forensics more applications as well.

You killed someone? Make it look like suicide. Boom. There's opportunity here, fellas.
yra, he shot himself in the back 7 times. The only witness was...

*flips through notes*

a Hilla-tee Clantun?