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Suicide bomb chrome

We have cortex bombs that kill the person whose head the bomb is installed in.

I think it would be fun to have explosive chrome that doesn't just explode the person it's installed in, but also causes damage to other people in the room just like a typical bomb would. It could be detonated both manually and remotely just like the cortex bombs can.

I think based on the cost and probable difficulty of installing this chrome in someone (most likely unwillingly), the bomb should have a similar effect to that of a frag grenade or something just as damaging.

However, it would be an interesting twist if a mad ripperdoc could, for instance, install a drug grenade inside someone's head and detonate that remotely, killing the person just for the sake of making the people around them high.

Back in the day when I learned about the cortex bombs, I was playing with this idea in my mind and even asked about it on the pubsic. I thumb up this idea, would be neat to be able to kill yourself and take everyone around you to hell with you.
I think this has not been in place due to balance reasons. Same reason explosives have so many draw backs in general.
I think this should be a crafted vest instead of chrome
Yeah, the issue here is that explosives themselves would probably ICly kill you if you were in a crowded room and someone set off a grenade, but from a game balance perspective they only inflict moderate damage. I'd be afraid to introduce a cyber that blew the person up that used it but like, it only caused moderate damage to the people around them, it wouldn't feel good to be that person.
Maybe instead of a suicide bomb/vest that kills the detonator - or the hostage that's been strapped up with the vest - it could be a vest/cybernetic addition that deploys loaded in grenades.

Strap vest/forcibly install deployment unit on Bobby Bill.

Force Bobby Bill to go to megacorporation, make your demands through Bobby Bill, sic, progia, cursecat, etc.

if demands aren't meant/timer is reached/command is given, Bobby Bill shoots an EMP/frag/etc out the vest against his will/timer running out, etc.

The vest then is useless and falls off him or the cybernetic disintegrates without harming him.

Bobby Bill and people around him are subjected to damage from the grenades but likely not fatality.

Crashdown might be onto something; I think the RP something like that would provide even if it didn't do catastrophic damage to a room/the wearer would be pretty fun provided it wasn't a commonplace occurrence.
I believe there is already something in the game that allows you to do that Crashdown. If not there really should be.
I know of one item that can possibly do it, but I'm still not certain that isn't staff magic doing it. But of the item I know, either way, it's also highly difficult for PCs to get. But we may be thinking of two different items, and also I guess it'd be possible - if something staff thought was good to add - to combine the two ideas.
I am pretty certain it had staff interaction, as you say. To my knowledge there is not any items to do this without staff interaction. I think there is likely a reason behind that decision.
There is a remote detonator that can be keyed to a Cortex Bomb with a *very* *very* relevant message as the countdown takes place on the victim BUT it is GM configured and hasn't been used in over 10 years. :-)