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Subtle Driving in Traffic

Most people complain about traffic but I had a thought having reading over some various game systems lately, and watching Baby Driver.

What if there is an active skill you could do (with the requisite skillset) to blend into traffic. You would still have to advance a room at a time like normal, but would add a fun benefit of traffic, both to crime and incognito driving about and blend into the masses.

In general would be like sneak, but maybe the traffic messages of "A red van driven by x' would be replaced by the hidden vehicle, giving incentive to pay attention to both who is blocking traffic and a fun cat and mouse game going down the tube.

Fully understand if this is both impossible game system wise or something that SD doesn't want in it, just an amalgamation of things in my mind I just wanted to jot down somewhere.

I like the idea of giving more utility to the driving or piloting skills beyond just 'You don't crash/stall" as much. But I think we need to wait to see what vehicle combat changes before we start adding stuff like this, because that is going to be a -huge- alteration in the mechanical landscape of the game.
I agree, I like the idea, but we need to see how much vehicle combat effects the current board.
Of course! Funnily enough I was reading Rigger 5.0 for ideas for rigging/combat driving stuff and noticed a very unnoticed advantage that talked about being better at blending into traffic and such and it made this idea.

Just wanted to float the idea out into the ether, for maybe one day it sparks inspiration.