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Stealth Emoting
Flavor your sneakiness.

So, I've noticed you can't emote or pose from hiding without bursting from said hiding area.

I feel it would be cool is there was a way to stealth emote, possibly with the command smote. So say I hide in a room and five of you don't see me, but one fellow does. I can smote around the room, sizing you up, etc. And that gives the guy who can see me a chance to interact if he wants or keep his mouth shut if he doesn't care.

I think it would give a way to interact with sneaky folks that isn't always, they are in my pockets, attack dip.

What do you lot think?

I've seen this on another game and people mostly used it to MOOsex in public. So yeah. Let's do it.
Ever feel like your innocent idea is changed into a horrible twisted version? That just happened you moosexors.
Subtle emotes would be an amazing and very much appreciated addition to the game. There's something about being able to have a casual conversation in public, or put in airs of being totally innocuous, but you and your ace kool are low-key making commentary or discreet emotes between each other to plan out something.

Even if not that, the ability to have a command to add subtle detailing like grimacing behind someone's back or thumbing for something discreetly adds a layer of depth and tension to scenes I'd squeal and give my left leg for in the game. There's the potential to do some CP shit with this, so long as it's subjected to be seen by high perception.

grimacing behind someone's back or thumbing for something discreetly

I do stuff like this anyway. It still enhances RP whether people cheese it or not.

Remember back when we had @options think? A bit like that - which honestly I never saw anyone cheese.

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