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Stationary FreqMans

Simply put, larger FreqMans that you can plug into the wall like HoloCals that you can use to transmit and recieve like normal, hand-held FreqMans, except the whole room can hear what other FreqMans are transmitting and you look like a badass having an entire fucking FreqMan in your house. Could be used for secret lairs and/or podcasts?
Technically already possible. We have intercoms. Those are just stationary freqmans, I think. I could be wrong. What's the benefit to this? People doing radio shows?
These exist IC, yeah.
It would be mega-cool to be able to procure this item more availably.

Radio shows and gear for intel rooms!

I like the idea of radio shows, but I haven't seen an intercom that can monitor radio bands.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what the difference would be between a stationary freqman and a regular one? Just, that it's audible to the whole room and you don't have to hold it?

I can see how that would be better supportive of radio-type broadcasting.