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Spin Off The Withmore Globe
Make PR Great Again

Recently, there was an NPC on pubSIC yelling that if they didn't get what they wanted from NLM, they would 'take it to the media' -- which, of course, was ironic in a very CP way.

It got me thinking, however, about what it does to PR officers. In some ways, right now the PR role is the 'corporate party planner', because while they can try to influence the media the news is firmly in control of one corporation.

Here's my proposal: have the Withmore Globe spun off into its own corporate entity. If it made more IC sense, it could be still be owned by NLM like, say, TurboZoom, but Globe employees would not be NLM employees and would not be expected to advance NLM's interests.

There are a dozen IC justifications that could be used, but the -reason- is fundamentally OOC: having an independent media company means that the Big Three megacorps are now competing for media coverage. It gives PR people more work to do, means that Globe employees become a desired commodity, and allows more 'media' stories as distinct from the interests of one of the Big Three corporations.

The Big Three should be competing for positive media coverage as it is now. NLM gets a leg up in this department, and that's fine.

However, for especially negative media coverage, WJF has a PR role that's been unfilled for as long as I can remember. There's a whole Justice Force Announcements forum that's gone unused. I feel like there's a big opportunity to get some corporate interplay going if that role is filled.

I think this is a great idea and in many ways is already in motion. I would encourage people to explore the creation of independent or corporate-sponsored media entities utilizing the tools at their disposal.

A lot of shit in Sindome is very much done in the style of "If you build it, they will come." but sometimes people never show up or simply put in the long-term effort. So things like pirate tv stations and independent scream sheets fall to the wayside.