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Spiked Brassies
Make it bleed!

It's really a shock that fist weapons are not a little bit more frequent and/or deadly. Cyberpunk wise there should be a form of brass knuckles that are inlaid with spikes large enough to do some damage, even have gloves with razor blade inlays.

Just a thought.

Damn, I thought this was about bras.
I too, was briefly excited.
I mean... I can make a new one about spiked bras... It could be a thing.
I mean....just make spiked bras be a improv weapon with some fun combat messaging.....
more weapons for the unarmed styles would be cool, but i think there's probably a reason why they haven't been added, since there's been a lot of suggestions / ideas on alternate weapons for brawling and martial arts skills, such as shock gloves, nunchaku, kama, and i believe spiked brass knuckles before
For the first serious reply.

There's already a pretty solid, and significantly themely upgrade for brass knuckles.

Spiked bra though? Gimme.

+1 more unarmed weapons

nerf brassies so their price can be lowered and add more fancy MA/brawling weapons in higher, expensive tiers

I recall staff saying no more unarmed weapons was a conscious decision because MA/Brawling already have the huge advantage of technically not requiring a weapon, but.. Without going into detail, most weapons have other advantages that more than make up that difference.

Plus everyone likes fancy, expensive and CP weapons, why do unarmed characters have to run around with sticks and pieces of metal? And yes, I saw Ryu's post and know what he's referring to.

Unserious reply, this reminds me of the outfit Big Bertha wore at the Boom Boom bar. Props to anyone who gets the very much cyberpunk/video game reference.
IDK, I kinda think its in the name. Unarmed, no weapon. :eyes: