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Smear makeup

I know there's code in the works to be able to remove makeup without a shower -- it would be cool if there was two steps to that, so that the first time you 'remove makeup' or whatever it changes the message to something like 'Glittering Radioactive Green eyeshadow is a little smeared and runny' or something like that, and then the second time removes it entirely.

This would be a nice feature so that there's a middle ground between freshly applied makeup and no makeup at all. (If you really wanted, it could depreciate on its own, but that may be more work than it is worth. People can just use the command.)

Here are some thoughts for those messages:

is smeared messily above her eyes.

is streaky, a dark halo around her eyes.

is runny, leaving dark streaks down her cheeks.

is smudged and faded around her lips.

That's exactly what I was thinking -- I know they are already working on remove makeup code, so I thought this was well timed.
I'm not so keen on this. I can see people just using it on anyone they see in makeup on the ooc suspicion of a disguise being in play, backtracking recent steps to avoid meta on disguised.
Please for the love of God stop turning everything into a "this is chance for people to be meta!!" trap. I think the idea is a great idea and a good way around people just abusing this OOCly would be to make it go through the consent system like the rest of the makeup commands.
Or just not be allowed to smear someone else’s makeup.