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Smarter drinks.
Don't spill your coffee taking off a hat.

For a large part I love the clothing system, but honestly is there a way that we can either auto drop, clothing goes to our freehand or just not have drinks spill?

For example,

I am holding a coffee in my right hand.

My left hand is free.

I remove my hat, which places it in my right hand.

I spill my coffee.

It makes for incredibly awkward situations that are played out IC. I mean IRL I am absolutely certain most people can take off a hand without throwing a drink all over themselves. I can only speak for myself, but working at a bar I used to regularly carry eight pint glasses without spilling a drop through a busy bar.

This goes double for those characters that are super humanly fast and precise with a weapon, yet fumble a cup of tea the moment they doff their hat.

Please. This.

Or make it a small chance to spill or something. It happens so often I've just gotten to where I ignore it. Maybe 1/10 I'll RP out now because it it just happens too much to be believable and just interrupts RP scenes without adding.

If it was infrequent or rare, then yes, I could see it adding, but as it stands it just is something that gets mostly ignored now.

Even playing here for as short a time as I have been, once I saw it happen four or five times I just immediately started ignoring it, both IC and OOC. From what I've seen, the attitude around me is very much the same. The mechanic, I don't think, really adds anything meaningful to roleplay, particularly when it's as accidental/consistent as it is.
Apparently it takes two hands to take off wearables, which is why you spill them I think.
I must be in the minority on this one, because I love it. Its one of those small SD things that people learn and it creates some funny scenes in my opinion.
I feel like it punishes ooc miss handling of commands and inventory with IC reprocussions. If you have people ignoring it IC because they feel it can ruin RP moments, there is an issue there.

I like it as a mechanic, but it feels very disjointed. IC there is absolutely no reason you would just suddenly throw your drink all over yourself, because ooc you used freehands and forgot you were hold it, or something you makes the drink unexpectedly explode out of your hand.

Perhaps a check, or a warning?

A Corporate director, or a bad ass solo should never IC be in a situation where they would throw their drink over themselves. It makes the RP incredibly awkward and forced in my humble opinion. If others are ignoring it, then I do not think I am the only person who feels it needs work.

I enjoy this mechanic as a fun little 'Oops!' moment, personally. No it doesn't make much sense that taking off your hat makes you spill your drink, but it's still kind of a comical addition to a scene in my opinion!
A lot of the mechanics in Sindome are designed to teach you with low stakes. While mismanaging your inventory with a beverage may seem inconsequential, it is a valuable lesson before mismanaging your inventory in a combat situation costs you your life.
I disagree. Because it's usually filled with a long untense situation, it's just one of those forget moments. Usually if you are drinking tea or coffee you're not in any way in the same mindset of combat or approaching combat.

Honestly, all this does is make a mechanic that most people ignore. I mean think about how many times in real life you've seen people spill a drink. It's rare, and when it happens it's visceral. People move to wipe things up or help.

Now think in Sindome. I can count on my hands the number of times of the hundreds I have spilled that anyone even commented or cared other than just giving me another drink. For me, it's a bad mechanic because it happens so often that most people just ignore it. The danger I think it's teaching is that there are mechanics in game that have no consequences and are safe to ignore, and consequently, most people do.