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Skill soft employment
Keep up with your piers, get a boat.

My perception is that some places struggle to have filled spots, there are employment locations with a single or a couple of active PC members. There are likely many factors to consider I'm not aware of but if one of them is skill perhaps some sort of temp employment could be considered through the use of skillsoft employment.

How I propose it would work:

A work location has a set of viable skillsofts (skillsofts that give a skill good enough to work in a given role)

Employment would be based upon having the company skillsoft installed and active.

Loss, miss use, etc of the skillsoft would result in debt collection to cover cost of the unit, potential firing, collection RP etc.

Skillsoft employees would earn less, think of it like a temp agency.

These skillsoft positions would be limited to jobs of a very specific skill set, pilot, driver, pharmacists, bio-tech, chemist, etc.


It opens up more jobs to people without EU investment or those with max EU.

It allows people to get into work quicker while they level up the relevant skills to retain the position more fully without the cost and pressure of a skillsoft loss hanging over them.

It leads into the theme of both skillsofts and their uses in a professional setting, and the theme of being owned by your work (in an IC sense)

It gives opportunities to security staff to do debt collection more organically.

Why not?

There, at least to start with might be more staff involvement.

potential for when the level of regularly active players being snubbed by those with skillsofts in a given area.

Potential to be abused

Solving the why not

Staff involvement does not really have a solution, but skillsofts could be dealt with by players, it would just be the idea of allow a lower backet wage and position below rookie or junior that would be a skillsoft temp/agency staff.

Skillsoft positions should be disposable, just like temp or agency staff and as such if someone comes in the skillset they should be employed in the position.

Abuse could be dealt with IC easily enough.


Have a lower bracket job level under junior/rookie that is a SIndome version of temp/agency staff who's skills are reliant on a skillsoft either provided by the business or by PC's wishing to invest.

I like this. I recall disappointment on two ocassions when facing situations in which I wanted to pursue an open position, using a skillsoft to attain the ability. The first time, I was considering a new skill path. I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it, and wanted to get a taste for it to see if it was something to pursue in the long run. The second was very personal to the character, and a turning point in growth at the time. Both were flatly shutdown in IC interviews.

There's no bitterness about that, but in a world where the slogan is "Keep Up With Your Peers.", it didn't make a whole lot of thematical sense to me.

That said, I think there'd be a lot of cool RP opportunity with a change like this. It could fill empty spaces until natural talent comes along and steals someone's job. Create rivalries and/or elitism in the workplace, resentment when someone better arrives and leaves you unemployed, etc. Giving newer/midbie players the opportunity to explore something new is a win too. And I like the idea of a Repo! concept brought to the mix in some way as well.

All in all +1

You could skillsoft into some roles previously, but some players cried bloody murder endlessly for years that it was devaluing their gold star UE investments, so it stopped (at least for some jobs) and eventually got skillsofts extremely nerfed.

I don't think there's really any unringing that bell at this point. The swings back and forth between how major systems work or will be treated are worse than just picking an implementation and sticking to it. More than anything at this point I'd personally prefer how skillsofts are treated to just stay one way, especially since there was just a major shift in recent history.

@0x1mm Skillsofts were ruining the game for entire career fields. Try taking off the rosy tinted goggles here. Pretty much everyone on staff was pro-nerfing them when it was discussed. So was more than half the game's population, including quite a number of people who had heavily used them in the past.

To the OP: You can get jobs with Skillsofts, including technically demanding jobs. It's entirely an IC issue. I've held multiple careers over the past few years using skillsofts. It largely comes down to whether or not you want to use the skillsoft as a shortcut to getting into a career while you -develop- those skills, or if you're going to hog someone's spot who's trying to get those jobs while using a soft and not investing UE into it. The TL;DR version here is that if you're not being an asshole with them, you're perfectly capable of getting jobs to fill out career fields that are in demand or high need. RP it.

Part of the original post here stipulated that skillsoft employees are paid less and are always replaced by native talent by default, when another player with the natural skill shows interest in a position.
There is no need to make any of it that complicated.

Get a soft, get a socket, and go FOIC. This is entirely doable without any of the proposed downsides.


Oh, that's pretty cool I and a few others seemed to not think that was the case, hence putting up the post.

But if it is the case, then maybe it can be expanded upon a little for the other reasons raised by myself and @Ratchet. A sort of agency/temp job style thing which is assigned to those using skill softs or provided with skillsofts to work.

The idea of just being able to literally hire anyone and slot them at the work place to fill in spaces feels very CP and in theme with the idea of people just being meat for the machine.

That's pretty much revisionist history, and also wrong because some jobs did specifically stop allowing for skillsofts. Likewise the official staff line for years was that skillsofts were fine and wouldn't be changed, and that flipped very quickly and by a narrow margin. Most of the loudest persistent advocates for that change are now gone in the bargain, so now we're left with chronic role shortages unsurprisingly.

We made the bed and now we can sleep in it, but yet another major change to how skills are treated isn't going to be any better. Maybe after a couple of years things will either level out or everyone will see the value of the old system, but I'd say it's too soon to start tinkering yet again unless we're going to start offering more respecs.

That's @Talon, I'm getting too used to Discord replies.
Admittedly, I didn't think it was something that was allowed until now. Confirmation bias on my part, I guess. I just remember a flat no both times, and being told ICly to do some learning.
It did stop for some roles, it may have changed again since, but if so it was very quiet.

In terms of the original suggestion, again I think the back and forth is worse than just sticking to one thing, however if skillsofting into jobs did make a comeback then I don't think it should be as lesser underpaid or disposable roles, which would only perpetuate the unthemely thinking that led to their nerfing in the first place.

Instant cryo-learning and technodidacts are ubiquitous and universal in the theme, there was really no reason at all it should ever have been considered a lesser process except for maybe combat roles where losing the soft is plausible. If anything manual learners ought to be seen as impoverished or something of an old fashioned curiosity.


What are the positives of not attempting to come up with ideas and solutions to help potentially improve people's experiences and options for RP?

Can you possibly suggest something as an alternative?

I think the changes that were made to skillsofts were mistakes across the board, so I don't really see the point having half-measure alternatives. Characters should be able to skillsoft into jobs, full stop, just like they can cryo-rehab respec into other roles and not be considered half versions. And they can deal with getting fired if they lose their softs and can't do it any more.

However if characters can't skillsoft into regular jobs, then I think disposable character half-jobs for skillsofts is even worse than the current situation, since again it reinforces a false perception that pure UE investment is holy and needs be to protected. As long as characters cannot respec to adapt to a changing fabric of reality, then the best skills implementation is one that stays consistent over time.

I think the issue stemmed from long-tenured characters slotting skillsofts to acquire jobs that were vital for the immigrant/new character experience. I don't have any issue with skillsofting for jobs and think it should be taken on a case by case for otherwise max UE characters to acquire those jobs based on the ability to fill those roles/interested new-midbie characters.

I think the changes to the skillsoft system have been overall positives for the intention, though there's still some who'll just slot whenever they can. They just wait longer now. I think it still shows major issues when there's no one around with a particular skillset that can grind some stuff to a halt, but I think it's had a positive effect overall.