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Sindome soundtrack

So music creates a certain, feeling or ambience when playing. So this is kind of like a joint thing I am offering. -IF- the lovely powers that be can find a way to trigger music via browser or client via different sectors/areas of the game, I would be more than willing to compose and produce various soundtracks for all the areas. It would take a while but I could kick out a track or two weekly give or take and eventually swing back around and provide multiple tracks per area/sector so there is some variety while hanging out or passing through.

Whatcha think?

😍 Love the idea.

Music in any form is my favorite.

Yes please!

This would probably only work with webclient though.

I think that your willingness to volunteer to do this is admirable.

That being said, eventually I would grow bored of the same music over and over and I would just stop listening it and start playing my own jams.

I am sure after a while it will get boring, but as stated above I am not at all opposed to doing multiple tracks for sections.
Even if the devs don't want to add a music player, a 'Sindome soundtrack album' of custom tracks named after the areas they're inspired by would be amazing and I would 100% listen to it.
Thanks for bringing this up, Floki.

Somewhere dormant in our systems is ancient support for Pueblo and its sounds per location feature, so we make could something like this work for the webclient. That's a good 60-75% of players at any given moment.

Maybe different kinds of music to communicate general locality? I could see 6-8 key tracks as a starting point with 2 states for each city sector - outdoor (something faster tempo, moving quickly thru streets) and indoor (something slower pace, suitable for 1 on 1 RP).

Red sector - start with a unifying sound that brings chaos and violence to mind - something fast pace for outside and something slower for inside

Gold sector - still somewhat chaotic, but no longer violent, more positive

Green sector - much more harmonious, nothing negative

Blue - classical, heavenly (if you do blue - gets a tiny amount of visitors really)

After that, we could implement it as an MVP feature and get more specific as inspiration lets happen. As time goes, if you (or someone else) gets an idea for a unique sound to give a corporation or territory in the red sector, we could apply it to those places in turn.

I think I might have ripped that Pueblo code out actually...


Still, wouldn't be that hard to actually implement with the webclient.

(Edited by Slither at 3:41 pm on 9/18/2020)