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Sindome at tabletop conventions?
I'm surrounded by cyberpunk!

Hi! So I'm at a convention right now with a packed tabletop gaming room, and I'm noticing a lot of cyberpunk-themed RPGs underway.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to make Sindome roundtable events! Walk a bunch of immies through chargen, teach them the world, and give them a prompt to send them on IC events, hooking them into the game.

I think it would do wonders for the community to host events like this. I know this breaches a bit of the IC/OOC divide, but if handled properly, with appropriate warning, and promo materials distributed to encourage playing after the con, etc., I feel like you'd have a recipe for strong influxes of new players.

I think RampageMOO or a side by side instance would work best for this sort of thing.
This is a great idea.

Up front you have to communicate that you as the presenter, are in no way allowed to interact (in game, ICly) with anyone at the convention who signs up and is interested.

Just tell them about the MOO, give them the address and set them free.

As a MOO, we can try to make sure that newbie friendly PCs (WCS, etc.) are aware of the event and willing to log in during those times.

The big challenge I see is the delay between character creation, and @history approval. The new, shininess is going to wear off when the new characters cannot really do much of anything.

Maybe we could host some sort of IC event, like immigrant brawls or whatever. Everyone through the gate within the last 24 hours gets a shot at 10,000c or something ridiculous. #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong ??? We could even throw some basic weapons into the mix. #AnarchyFTW

I've been considering how to present Sindome at conventions for a while.

See my post here:

That was a while back, but I'm not the VP of Technology of BostonFIG (Boston Festival of Indie Games). There is a digital showcase and a tabletop showcase. It's at Harvard this September.

I just have no idea how to present the game in such a way that it would be entertaining. There are other games there that are Interactive Fiction-- but those are like twine games or games with divergent stories-- not Multiplayer Online Text Based Games.

I think having a big screen showing things happening in the game (in public areas)-- similar to the RiotGear feed could be a good way. With a few laptops setup for people to connect as guests-- but mostly just marketing materials and people talking about the game.


But I'm now* the VP.
This is a fantastic idea! I think a run through with a couple other players of a semi-scripted plot would be great. Or really just make a character in front of the crowd, then run over to the first person you find and start some shit so they can see a real interaction play out.
+1 to this, I think the logistics are a little funky, but could definitely be figured out. Maybe just something in a very controlled environment (like the dev server), allowing a showcase of some of the areas, the different sectors, some of the archetypes, the different weapons, gear, locations, combat, tailoring, char gen, SIC, the grid, all of it, with a focus on theme, the history of how long the game has been around and how much it has grown, etc.
It's extremely refreshing to see this topic, and then see replies not focus primarily on the suspicions/dangers which could come about. It's good to be cautious about things like this, but it just feels so nice to go right into possibilities/ideas.

Presenting a completely text-based game like Sindome comes with many challenges. Especially if the intent is to present it as part of the digital showcase rather than the tabletop showcase. The tabletop audience is arguably more likely to be interested in a text-only game. But if this ends up in the digital showcase, it might be good to somehow convey right off the bat that it's a completely text-based game.

Honestly, we should start a Kickstarter or something to raise funds to hire voice actors to record lines for the presentation, whether they be dialogue, monologue, In-Character, or Out-Of-Character narration. Audio is the most impactful, most genuine way to present something text-only.

Art should be used sparingly to avoid accidental perceived misrepresentation of the game. Too much art might give some people the idea there's a visual element to the game. But some visuals help a great deal with any presentation. Things like background images to set the atmosphere.

It's possible to turn the whole thing into a community effort. Community artists who want to showcase the work they've already done. People sending in writing samples specifically written to be evocative of noir-style vignettes/monologues. Hell, if any community members have decent enough audio equipment, maybe they can send their own voice clips in for Slither to listen to.

It could be a really good way to create additional exposure for Sindome.