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SIC signal loss
Notifications when Signal is lost.

Good afternoon!

I am really sorry if this has been brought up but I couldn't find it anywhere using the search functionality with "SIC, "SIC Notification." or "Signal loss."

I think it would be really nice to get an IC notification when you lose SIC signal when you're stationary in a room, sort of like typing 'who' and moving into another room you get a notification saying Signal is Lost if signal is not present in your new destination.

I find it regrettable at times I am having an engagement over SIC and I don't realize SIC has gone out unless I regularly enter 'who' as a sanity check.

It may seem like a minor concern, but I think it'd be a nice quality of life improvement. I understand that losing signal is part of the living conditions on Red, but it mostly feels like OOC inconvenience rather than IC inconvenience when I can't tell that an onslaught of thoughts is no longer present without manual intervention with commands.

Thanks for taking the time to consider this. I'd love feedback!

It feels like an OOC inconvenience because it is an IC inconvenience.

You learn to tell if you've lost SICnal, because you stop seeing SIC chatter.

You can also do 'ch' instead of 'who' to check as well.

I would say that at times SIC can get quiet on it's own I've noticed, it's not as constant a thing as the ambient world suggests it should be.

I don't really think about the IC signal loss as OOCly inconvenience, it's a problem to solve that encourages movement or investment in IC equipment, I like that. The OOC part is just not knowing information I should know, which is an insane amount of ambient mind-traffic disappearing suddenly and without any indicator to my character that the ambient effect has disappeared.

This has been brought up time and time again, and I still don't know why people keep saying it makes sense for it not to be a thing.

You're in a city of 70million+. You're gonna fucking notice if all the voices in your head suddenly go silent, or if you're bombarded with noise out of nowhere.

... Don't you notice exactly what you're describing? Everything goes quiet. Why should it go 'ding' just to let you know you should choose that moment to start walking around?

...Because if all the voices in your head suddenly go quiet, you're going to notice IMMEDIATELY. Not just when you try and do something.
Plus, IC SIC is far less frequent. 'Ambient' SIC is literally a constant stream of noise.
Because there are times when the SIC is not exactly a full-throttle experience like it can be mid-day or prime time and it's easy to stop noticing that SIC is gone due to signal.

That is why I see value in this.

I am not sure I fully understand why this would essentially be a bad thing in any capacity, if there is dissent for the idea, could you clarify why it's an idea not worth exploring?

I didn't mean to stir up a delicate topic, I really wasn't sure if this had been brought up before.

I don't think there's any cause for getting upset over this though.

Even at half or one quarter throttle, that's millions of people yelling in your head at the same time.

You're going to notice the sudden lack of static in your head when you lose SIC.

There is never a silent moment on public SIC. Just moments where the people you actually listen to are silent.

Here's the thing.

It HAS been brought up before.

No new ground is being covered here.

You're not meant to -track- sicnal loss, so yeah, its seen as a negative. :)
Thanks for pointing that out Beandip, I'll try harder with my search next time.

My apologies to everyone for bringing up an already broached subject.

Either IC SIC is 'noisy' (the thematic argument against it's presence in the UI being modernized and accessibility-friendly for some reason) or it's not ('you're not meant to track sicnal loss, because it's 'not noisy'?) but it objectively can't be both. This isn't just two specific issues running aground, it's a thematic / design vision about SIC and how we're supposed to understand it, and how it plays out in specific game design choices which seems frequently to have mixed messaging.
Thematically, its noisy AF, but in the game design, we're choosing not to HIGHLIGHT to you the player that the reason its gone quiet is because signal has been lost that moment. We are happy with you getting that feedback when you attempt to use the sic network.

You are welcome to RP a character that gets FOMO when they stop hearing the voices in their head, but we're not going to feed the player's FOMO. :)


But this is like asking the playerbase to 'respect ambient population' as we're constantly told to do, but also saying if there was some effect where everyone on the street suddenly disappeared your character shouldn't notice....just cuz.

It doesn't make sense thematically or from a game design POV except 'we've always done it this way way, so ehhh'.

respect ambient traffic but remove traffic and being hit by cars from the express tubes
lol right?

we can have 'realism' in a way no one really likes or wants or cares about that isn't interesting in any thematic way for some trivial bit of balancing of in-game mechanics (traffic) but an actually realistic thing that would be a QOL improvement for everyone in a system that is already spammy and a UI nightmare (SIC) and....well.

If I code something up that tells you, it will be abused. This is defensive game design.
What makes more sense from a UX perspective to induce the correct feelings in the player... That being the slow feeling of loss?

Silence, just silence, until you as a player notice the loss that your character is feeling?


DING You've just lost SICNAL CHUMMER!?

One is loud, and goes against the purpose of the effect. The other is quiet, solumn and reliant on the player to feel that effect.

You may want a cue as a player, but you already have the cue if you choose to notice it.

A little off topic but if you don't want a huge wall of WHO text when you're checking if signal has been lost, try typing ca or ct instead.
I try to cycle ci chat personally. As I feel like it's maybe a common mistake that could be made. Leaving ci chat on.
Is it possible to share without encouraging bad behavior how knowing when signal is gone is abusive? If it encourages you to move, it should make you more ICly vulnerable and less stationary, right?

My experience makes it difficult to imagine scenarios where this could be abused to the benefit of a player in an OOC manner.


From what I've tested this is the absolute lowest latency method to check if there is signal IC with the least amount of feedback to process back to the player.

And Svetlana beat me to it, excuse me. I'm not going to speculate on why but calias seems to be slightly less effected by overall Moo latency than ctag but they're both pretty much instant for most purposes.
The whole reason you're not told is so there's levels of suspense and so players can't just go...

I apologize I just don't really understand the examples given against the idea.

I don't feel in danger when I realize my SIC signal is lost. I go "oh." and I move. But if I was told, I might be feel so absentminded and actively respond to it, and being alerted and forced to actively respond definitely feels like it would be more adrenaline inducing in a situation where you feel that SIC signal is critical.

It certainly, in my honest opinion, seems better than using commands to detect signal consistently, well out side of the scope of what that command was designed to do, to determine if an ambience heavy, mental burden of a IC system is still present in your head.

I think I should just some this up to my inexperience with the game and different aspects of it that could possibly help me understand the points being made. I think it's best at this point to just say that, you're probably right and I'll move on from the discussion.

Thank you to everyone for participating though, I really appreciate the feedback and engagement on the thread!

Let me try this again, I've done a lot of writing tonight and I think my brain is mush.

I don't feel in danger when I realize my SIC signal is lost. I go "oh." and I move. But if I was told, I might not just feel absentminded and instead rather actively respond to it, and being alerted and compelled to actively respond definitely feels like it would be more adrenaline inducing in a situation where you feel that SIC signal is critical.

Sorry and thank you all again.

It's normal to find it frustrating at first.

I think my very first thread was like, 'this system is stupid'. Signal interruptions are kind of an imperfect solution to difficult problems, but all the perfect solutions involve versions of the game that don't exist and probably can't.

Roaming blackouts make it harder to do things the game wants to discourage, and easier to do things it wants to encourage.

I didn't mean to imply that I found the brownouts or gameplay effects of signal loss frustrating, they make complete sense to me and I enjoy them as a mechanic. I don't think any of the systems I have encountered I could consider stupid.

I understand everything is usually designed with specific intent in mind and can respect that there are decisions made for reasons that we may not be able to know, or for reasons that benefit the 'game' aspect more than they benefit the 'realism' aspect.

As others have said, I just feel that with some kind of active notification would help the ambience of the SIC and the OOC representation of it correlate better.

I understand that there is no interest in making that kind of change so I humbly concede and I will still enjoy the game regardless.

Thank you!