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SIC Enhancement Chrome

Just a small idea that came to me this morning for a bit of non-combat utility chrome. Some sort of SIC enhancement chip/processor/ whatever to make ccoms and encrypted keys able to be set to some different, secondary, color so as to make those select incoming messages stand out. Something we are already able to do with other things.

There could be definite downsides to having something that would serve to "boost" incoming messages in that regard, on top of the usual things that come with chrome installation.

I think this is a pretty neat idea! The ability, via cyberware to differentiate SIC into different hues based on the nature of the message.

Rather than add a new bit of cyberware, I'd maybe suggest this as an enhancement to existing chrome that allows you to visualize data, simply because I think that chrome is thematically super cool and doesn't see nearly enough use.

There's nothing ocular about SIC though. I think it'd be great as a cheap piece of cyber, like some (no pun intended) Chrome browser extension.

OMG you could even introduce an adblock chip! 😁