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SIC Echo
Smoothing disconnection issues

It would be useful for those "If you said anything I missed it..." sorts of quick disconnection situations for players to be able to echo the last SIC, so for example:

co: Repeat last seen PubSIC.

co ccom: Repeat last received private SIC.

co keyname: Repeat last seen SIC on keyname.

However I don't know if the system can distinguish between players not seeing a SIC because they were not in signal or no. The concept I had in mind is a player is in signal, gets the SIC, but is either disconnected or then disconnects and wants to check if they missed a message while they were technically still connected and in signal.

This is a nice idea. It would also be helpful in times where there's a large volume of scroll, such as in fights, or when driving or flying.
I personally don't think that this fits well given how SIC is described as functioning. I also dislike sending the same message multiple times word for word as it doesn't feel organic or like something that would happen from an IC perspective. If someone asks me to repeat myself IRL, at the lest I would prepend an "I said that" and more than likely there would be slight variations in the rest that followed.

I think this could be convenient but I don't think that convenient is what's best in some cases. In this case I would personally rather encourage players to try and avoid sending identical messages instead of making it easier to send duplicate messages. But that is just my preference.

cm @rewind