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SIC Downtime
OOC/IC Social Chatter

Brand new player, so I realise this may not carry much weight.

I get that the SIC network outages are meant to illustrate the lack of services in Red Sector, but one of the possible carry on effects I noticed was almost all the social chatter in two days I've been playing has been on OOC channels.

Just for me I would enjoy having more chances for just idle chat IC.

So find somewhere where the SIC doesn't go away? :p
Are we playing the same game? SIC is full of meaningless banter all the time :P Or at least during peak hours.
Keep in mind that Red suffers from roving brownouts. If there isn't Sicnal where you are, there probably is somewhere else in Red Sector - you just need to go find it. And I urge you to try and interact with other players via the whole range of mediums. Meet them in person. On the phone. Or SIC. Use meatspace messengers. The thing I love about SIC brownouts is that it gives people encouragement to leave their cubes. Cool interactive RP doesn't usually come your cube!
To me it feels like an unnecessary hurdle to engaging socially. That is just my personal impression, I have no opinion in regards to the relative value of "in person" RP versus RP conversation, to me they are both enjoyable. Considering the MOO itself is an example of that latter, it doesn't strike me as a particularly strange idea.
Maybe a compromise between concepts might to be allow unfettered access to SIC while at a StreetTerm? Wi-FI versus LAN kinda idea.

It's the future city of dreams! I had more reliable internet in 1994! :)

There /are/ spots with a solid connection. Just ask in character!
if you're really up to it, you can even make your own SIC hotspot with some of the tools available. Just ask around
That would be my error then! I'm living on the streets, so I wouldn't have known. Cheers.
Hey 0x1, I totally understand where you are coming from. This topic has definitely come up in the past. The brown outs are 'rolling' so they happen to different rooms at different times. It's an important part of the theme in the sense that the corps do not care about Red Sector (where your character is, if they are experiencing brown outs).

And it's also important because of crime. Brownouts allow people to plot and plan to commit crimes against each other at specific times, when there is a brown out, so it's harder to call for help or be exposed for the crime they are doing.

It's an important part of our divide. However, there are places you can go to which may have special devices which 'boost' the signal. These are typical spots where people gather socially, like bars.

A few people mentioned this on here already but I think it is important to note that while we can't tell you where these places are Out of Character, because that's against the rules, if you were to ask many of us In Character, either in person or on the SIC, like.. 'Hey, where can I find a place on Red Sector that doesn't have brown outs?' then we could answer the question for ya.

Hope this helps!

-- Slither

I appreciate the guidance! I was able to get some help IC as you suggested. It's a nice little short-term driver; hunting around for signal. Already got some ideas cooking as a result. I know this was kind of an overstep into giving IC advice, but I am thankful for being turned in the right direction.
Okay, that is like night and day. I see what you meant now Villa. Complete difference.