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SIC Data Sniffing
Less smelling, more stealing.

So here's an idea that I've had for awhile but never put down into text. I'm not sure if it's mechanically possible or if there's even a way that it could be done in Withmore, but the idea has at least SOME grounding in reality and I've long yearned for confirmation that experienced tech-types have some way of doing this in the background.

Data sent over a network in the real world is done through packets. There are programs that are capable of "sniffing" these packets and analyzing the data that they carry. Given enough time, one can capture and analyze packets to the extent of being able to crack passwords for wifi networks as well as spoof packets for testing or nefarious means.

How does this translate to Withmore? Without jumping far into IC fact or speculation, I assume that every thought put across SIC is data and that brownouts equate to packet loss; SIC data, as a whole, should be able to be sniffed from areas with SICnal. Given enough time and with appropriate technology, shouldn't this data be able to collected and analyzed?

I feel like this concept could be utilized to capture SIC keys, encourage key cycling, and to create another method for deckers to pull flash from actual data trade.

Here's some ways it could play out:

Scenario 1:

- DeckerJoe and CorpieCain live in Red Sector.

- DeckerJoe knows that CorpieCain uses the "cain" key to sell out his chums.

- DeckerJoe knows that CorpieCain rarely uses the "cain" key from anywhere but their home.

- DeckerJoe acquires the equipment necessary to tune into the SIC traffic of the area around CorpieCain's location and waits nearby, either in an adjacent apartment, a vehicle, or even in a public hallway if DeckerJoe is so bold.

- DeckerJoe then directs his equipment to hone in on traffic from the "cain" key. From there, it's a combination of stat+skill+time and CorpieCain's key usage. If CorpieCain doesn't use their key while DeckerJoe is nearby, there is no data to collect.

- Eventually, DeckerJoe gets the full string that makes up the encrypted key and he can do whatever he wants. This should be a relatively long process, dependent on stat investment, skill investment, and a reasonably high equipment cost.

Scenario 2:

- DeckerJoe sure hates corpies and knows that Saedor Krupp has a staff that's tight-lipped over letting company keys leak. He's interested in their security key: SKurity.

- DeckerJoe arranges some immy mayhem at Sing-a-Rong so that SK security arrives.

- DeckerJoe hides in the SK garage in a vehicle or in SK's elevator to tune into "SKurity" key while he knows the key will be in-use.

- DeckerJoe flees the scene with a partial key and needs to either come back later and do it all again or to find a security agent that uses the key from home or a nearby bar. Rinse/risk/repeat.

Added thoughts:

- Equipment could vary in quality and could save decryption progress to encourage tracking CorpieCain's movements, non violently.

- The more expensive the equipment, the more in-progress cracks it can have ongoing. The more expensive the equipment, the more filled a progress bar becomes per encrypted SIC sniffed/analyzed.

- Beat up DeckerJoe and take his expensive shit if you know he's onto you. Think he might be on to you and find out that he's actually looking into your rivals? Become kools and slip some chyen his way if he keeps up the good work.

- In-general, brownouts in Red Sector make it more difficult to stay in one place and find success. Both for the cracker and crackee.

- In-general, steady signal makes Gold and Green Sector easier targets for cracking but harder to stay unnoticed given sector security. This could also encourage more regular patrols for sketchy Mixer types.

- To keep corporate deckers from going wild with these tools, maybe there needs to be some type of footprint so that their equipment can be checked for a log of keys sniffed.

- Alternatively, there could to be a license associated with monitoring equipment. Or perhaps certain varieties of monitoring equipment are just illegal.

- A person who uses multiple keys frequently from one location without doing anything to alleviate the risk is then a vulnerability to every key they use.


All of that being said, I'm interested in what others think about potential ways to come at private keys. Is it something worth looking into?

One of the issues I could see arising is that the amount of corporate key rotations was quite high that I remember (and costly), and corporate characters have less control over choosing to use keys, where they live, and where they work.

More vulnerability and more voluntold key rotations for security purposes could really start to punish corporate players unless there was some kind of cost offset there.

Some other security counterplay or information security that wasn't just all the PCs in a faction having to buy new keys every time there was leak could be one solution though.

I'd love to see the blanket solution being Deckers. The information at rest/information in motion divide is sooooo 2030s, ya scan?