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Shorthand for 'peer'

I would like to see 'peer' shorthanded to 'p' please?

I, like many other mac users, have issues with my keyboard, so having to type precisely 2 'e's very quickly is an exceptionally difficult task sometimes, due to the key either sticking and not firing, or bouncing and firing twice. If the need to type 2 e's in 'peer' is removed, it will make things much more accessible for me, and those in similar situations.

Wouldn't making a macro for that command be more easy than asking the game to change? ~p
Off hand, that would require 11 macros. So no.
Uhh, I don't know if we need to be considering how keys get stuck on mac's shitty keyboards.

Get a good one if you enjoy your wrists and play text games. :)

The keyboard is the inspiration Johnny. Is it really that big a deal to alias the peer command to a shorthand, which is effectively the 'look' command while operating a vehicle? I find the pushback on this too be rather odd considering the general lean toward accessibility otherwise.
We don't make changes because a single person wants to improve their experience because their hardware is not working as intended by the manufacturer.

If you had made the argument based on 'look has l' and 'glance has gl' then you wouldn't have gotten the specific pushback you got. You would have gotten different pushback. You didn't do it differently, so you got the pushback you got.

Let this be a lesson for everyone. If you want your idea considered, pose it so it is considered based on its merits.