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SHI employee of the month

Log each player's hours worked at SHI each month. Maybe throw in a SHI bonus of extra chyen per hour. Nothing large but enough that people will want it. Then put up a portrait or a name on a cheap placard conveniently above the punch clock.


-Imagine Immys working horribly long hours just to get recognition, or fighting/killing/threatening someone else for the spot/chyen.

-Great way to put someone in the hot seat for some spicy RP or perhaps inspire them to look for work that's not going to put them in the spotlight.

-Flesh out SHI a little more. This is one of the most visited rooms in the sector and one of the first places new players spend a lot of their time in.


-Implementation of the Code could be tricky and potentially too time consuming for a single room enhancement.

-One person may NEVER leave SHI

SHI's meant to be SHItty and give players incentive to do things besides automated pay.

Giving people more reason to not engage the rest of the playerbase? No thank you.

SHI's not really meant to be something anyone leans on... However! This idea would plant a giant beacon of public shaming on whoever devotes the most time out of a month in SHI. It'd single them out to be fucked with and dragged into RP. On that grounds, I'm into it.
Imagine having the time and patience of a saint to Rp a character who pulls 48 hour work weeks at shi.
If the reward was a jovial (and regular) automated announcement from SHI on SIC telling everyone who 'Employee of the Week' was based on hours worked you've got my vote...

I think that would actively encourage people to go find better things to do with their time so they're not *that mano/mona*...

I know I wouldn't want my name plastered over SIC for a week for that extremely dubious honour :D

Maybe too harsh?

No way UchuUsagi! I complely agree. SHI could be a little more harsh. Like what Kiwi said, it would be a hilarious way to force someone into RP early on for their actions.
;) Totally. That sort of public shaming would be very themely I think, my only worry is that public shaming like that *might* be more likely to lead a newbie to the booth than actually get them involved with anything... people in Withmore can be very mean.

How would this limit people from interaction? When I was a newbie, I actually made some IC friends at SHI. If anything, this might encourage more players to be there at once.
Honestly, if SHI is your thing and you want to play a factory worker... do it. Don't let the forums tell you you are wrong. When I was new the payout per hour was half of what it is now but I met other new players and we formed connections. You can play a slice of life character on shi wages if you have the patience and desire.

As far as bonuses, from a theme police standpoint, what has always been told to me is that SHI exists as a charity from the corporate powers to allow stinky mixers a source of income. What you do can be done more efficiently and for less money by robots. The company doesn't care about the temp laborer.

I think SHI is a great place to meet new characters. I have often gone there as a PC and 'work'ed just to strike up conversations with folks.

Let's keep something in mind: SHI is supposed to be a grind, yes-- however, you don't HAVE to play a character that is seeking 'all the monies'. You are free to play a poor, destitute mixer who begs for food or money and scrapes by at SHI, because that is a fun RP experience.

I'd look at this less as something that discourages SHI, more as a mechanic to inspire fun roleplay and shake things up. Someone getting spotlighted for spending ages at SHI would be mocked, but it would also probably lead to players pulling them into roleplay.
This idea amuses me, imagine getting creased for the five kay employee of the month bonus from SHI after spending 80 hours a week working there.
A PC could do this and arbitrarily place photos of characters with a flyer labelled Employee of the Month at SHI. And then see what happens.

Don't let a lack of coded support restrict how much of a mindbending jerk you can be. 💚

I don't play a character that utilizes SHI as employment, however I think this idea is great. It seems that it's less of a "reason not to engage with the playerbase" and more of a immy meeting place, and IMHO it should be. I know some people automatically shit on anything that's automated for whatever reason, but I'd put fourth that especially if you're brand new and broke, you'd be a lot more likely to go to a place that's posibly social AND get paid in the process as opposed to pay a cover and maybe spend box runs on drinks for social interaction. In fact from that point of view it could certainly encourage social interaction.

As for SHI not caring about their employees, DUH! Tons of people have jobs, especially at large orginizations, where this is the case. They don't just walk around saying fuck my employees though. Spending an extra couple grand so you can make a SICad that says "look community, we care about you" would likely be considered a minor operating cost at that level.