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Sever corpse

Much like living people, corpses should be able to be severed with a bladed item. Sever from corpse. Should use the same mechanism as the existing sever.
+1, seems like a common sense addition that should already be in.

Speaking on something I known nothing about, I imagine there is a legitimate reason as to why you cannot. Maybe there is a whole hunk of code bulk involved with it and is not worth it for corpses.

I think if a corpse is free of chrome you should be able to sever parts off the corpse.

And then the piece treated like a canvas' display option, so you can put it somewhere. And it rots and decays into nothingness within a set time period.

Much like gouged out eyes severed body parts do decay (I think at about the same rate but I'm not 100% sure on that) to reduce bloat.

I'd love a "head" option for severing though (obviously it would kill the person mind you). Nothing gets the point across like a severed head getting thrown into a bar. As well as the ability to sever body parts from a corpse.

As for adding canvas functionality to body parts, I don't think that's necessary given the speed they deteriorate, and as far as I'm aware if you really want to display a body part somewhere long term, you'd want to do so by RPing some type of taxidermy and using a canvas item in the game for this (like people have been doing for ages).

I'd be a fan of adding a "display" option for body parts or corpses as long as they deteriorated at the several-day rate that a normal corpse would. Could prevent some of the somewhat stale body part displays around the Mix.

It would also be convenient if someone was able to just lob off someone's head and stuff it in a cooler as a way of preserving their head-based chrome until they can find someone to remove it, but I realize the amount of coding behind that would hardy be worth it.