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Serial numbers for cameras?
Which camera is mine? So fucking mamy cameras...

Just a thought that has crossed my mind, why not add serial numbers on cameras, so one would easily figure out whose cameras they belong to, for many kinds of reasons, such as extortion, or 'tax'. Or need them uninstalled, or spray them.
I think the reason cameras do not have serial numbers is precisely because of those reasons.
Yep, but it can get confusing pretty quickly whenever there are multiple cameras in one spot, so... hence why I think it's necessary.
Hire competition. There are IC means to detect some of this stuff.
Cameras and other sensors get labels, are they not showing up?
The camera object number shows up on devices such as the wiring hub, but not when the devices are inspected on the street.
I think they meant numbers on the physical items. So when you are looking at six cameras all placed at a busy intersection you can know that the owner of 1-234298-22 paid their tax and the rest didn't so you can tear down all of them but that one. As an example.

I'm not opposed to this; the above example is already done by multiples number which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Cameras are meant to be fairly anonymous but a randomly generated serial number that can be found out on close inspection (or with a security analyzer, to give techs a further line of work?) is a decent compromise.
There is a relatively unused item that I would add this feature too I.E. When scanning the camera it reveals the hard coded Grid Hardware ID. My only request is that in be done in hexadecimal and correspond with future grid (pseudo ipv6) addresses in some scope.
This has been added to the cameras description. I see no reason that finding this information would require special tools or skills at this point. Simply showing up and finding it should be enough. This may change in the future, but for now, this should solve the issues described about not knowing which camera is which-- which should be obvious from where they are positioned in the room, what they look like, etc.