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See what your Murmuring
I see what you did there.

Hey all, I have a simple suggestion that I've been finding extremely annoying lately. I think it would be great if when you murmured into a phone you could actually see what you typed out, instead of getting the message about talking quietly into your phone. Basically I'm suggesting that murmuring work more like whispering to someone, especially considering that it appears pretty much the same as whispering to a third party anyway.

It's really kind of a quality of life thing, and I know I would use murmuring a ton more if I could keep track of what I'm saying clientside instead of having to copy down what I'm saying manually.

Turn on command echoing
You could also turn on local echo! :)

You could also turn on local echo! :)

You could also turn on local echo! :)

click the echo button so that it changes state to saying this

if on client

if off of the webclient, look in your options for your specific client

I have no idea how that posted three times.
You turned on local echo. ;)
Because of echoing,

Anyway thanks for the headsup, I kind of ignore those top buttons in the webclient for some reason, but echoing all of my commands all the time is also a bit annoying. Though only using it when murmuring could be pretty painless.

Thanks again.

So it isn't intentional that it does this?

I thought it was.