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San Mara Ideas
There is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing.

So I was thinking how there ain't enough interesting stuff in San Mara to make people make the trip more often, explore that area and maybe even get some region specific RP going on.

Therefore I'll suggest a few ideas to make San Mara more interesting or worth visiting with a more recurrent frequency and feel free to leave your own.

San Mara Merch: I don't know if this exists already or not or in what form, but you can never have enough souvenirs from your wacky weird west adventures. (I Was Drugged And Left For Dead In San Mara – And All I Got Was This ESTUPIDA T-Shirt!)

San Mara Exclusive Drug 'stinger pipes': They are sold locally by X faction, a mixture of rad scorpion sting toxins and local rad desert plants. (This can't be manufacture by players normally and this is idea is based on real life, google it.)

San Mara Exclusive Events: This should be mostly player driven, but I imagine staff could push some buttons if desired. For example, luchador battle royal fights, gunman style duels or range weapon competitions, etc.

San Mara Exclusive Disguises: Luchador mask, basically a vanity mask with a funny description or a Sombrero which also works as mask, did you know that the literal translation for 'Sombrero' is 'Shadower'? Also maybe more ponchos, I don't know.

More San Mara Exclusive Food & Drinks: A lot of what gives a location part of its identity is the food, from the French Soy Cuisine in Blue to the roach broth in the Park. More of this is never bad, I imagine there could be some pretty unique ingredients lying around.

I appreciate the thought you put into this. However, let me clarify some things on the admin side. We aren't looking to increase RP in San Mara. The badlands are a place to visit, not to stay. You go there for a plot, you go back to Withmore where the more consistent roleplay is. Spreading a playerbase of our size out further than it already is will restrict RP, not create more. Badlands RP is heavily driven by GMs, meaning GMs need to provide specific attention to a small portion of the players when they are out there. This is done for specific plot reasons. It isn't something we want to encourage people to do for reasons outside plot.
The thing is, some of those ideas can be implemented by players today. What's going to drive players out to SM is RP, not code. There's already great and exclusive code out there.

And they for sure don't have to be there all the time. One player-driven RP event which gets half a dozen or more PCs to travel provides an opportunity which will make the difference between "I've never seen SM because there's no RP there" and "Now I've been to SM because there was awesome RP there this one time."

We don't always need GMs and builders to "give us a reason" to go have a RP event in an exotic place.

A player who wants to drum up interest can plan ahead and use IC means to do this, as well as their OOC notes to, not MAKE GMs support it, but, inform them that something will be happening with some number of people at some particular time. I think players are perfectly capable of rocking SM with no GM attention at all, but, if they jump on it, it'd be a bonus.