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I was pondering if it'd be possible to have a command for vehicles that functions much like the 'guard' command, but for vehicles.

As an example, 'block e' would block the east of the street with my vehicle, preventing other vehicles (but not pedestrians) from driving towards that direction. This obviously should only be the case for cars, or large vehicles such as dropships and skyships (not motorbikes).

Motorbikes should be able to weave through the block and also not be able to block the road themselves at all.

heh, and a charge command to go with it
I love it. It would require more planning go into any illicit activities since you couldn't just blaze into the tubes to Red in your minivan.
I really dig this idea.
I like it. Has some nice rp implications.
Sure, as long as you understand that some NPCs aren't going to give a shit about their beaters, so they're going to ram right into your vehicle for interrupting their traffic.

And maybe spike strips for WJF to damage and potentially blow tires?

Or maybe some automated bollards on Gold/Green?
I like it...

Can imagine toll blocks on certain streets where people check vehicles and things like that.

EMPs causing bollards to toggle. Grid 3.0 hackable bollards. Black market bollards. Bollard jiggle physics. Projectile surface-to-air bollards for AVs.
On that topic, if spike strips were a thing, I think they should be included in the black market and seedy underbellies as an illegal object to use in plots, too. I think a lot of people could benefit from such an item in their plots.
I don't agree with that. Gangs in the real world can get ahold of an AK, an AR15, hell, if they tried hard enough, even an RPG. But never have I heard of any institution other than law enforcement; using spike strips.
Eh, maybe makeshift ones that aren't as effective as the WJF ones?

Could depend on the type of tire you have on the vehicle.

RL gangers don't use spike strips per se, but they do use roadblock-like things. There are a number of gangs in LA that have historically booby-trapped certain alleys to be able to avoid pursuit -- there's one alley that's notable for always having a block setup, most famously a ski-doo on two-by-fours that was pushed into the alley to stop the pursuing black and white. Two-by-fours with nails have also been used in the past.

So makeshift spike strip like things are definitely in the cards.

re: make shift spike strips, Mike used a garden hose and some nails in Better Call Saul. I thought that was pretty creative.

As for roadblocks, I like the idea, but it would have to be extremely short duration. Maybe a minute or two. The theme files often mention how densely packed Red is. Now I just started playing here, so I don't know how rare vehicles are on Red. But even if only one out of a thousand people has a vehicle, that is still A LOT of traffic. As someone else mentioned, at least a few of those NPCs are going to get irked enough to ram the roadblock.

I imagine that the roadblock would have to work almost like a pursuit move. Two vehicles are racing down the street, and one pulls far enough ahead to block the other vehicle and prevent it from making further progress into the next "room" on the grid. Otherwise, by the time the intended target shows up, there would ICly be a bunch of NPC vehicles stuck at the roadblock and the target could just flip a quick U-turn and head in the other direction, or otherwise 'avoid' the roadblock.