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Risk of death at extreme low hp

If you're under a certain threshold of condition, you should have a chance to get harmed further rather than heal on each check to heal. This would discourage people from sparring until they're literally on the edge of death, and force more money toward doctor players and healing equipment, stimulating the game economy.

Killing your sparring partner more would encourage not sparring to the verge of death as well, and would stimulate the game economy through item loss and chyen sinks for dying, and enhance RP too.
To consider the implications of that, people would then seek out the best doctor possible to heal them, to avoid the risk of harm. That would point them either to very skilled PC doctors or NPC doctors, bypassing newer immigrant doctors out of fear of further damage, thus robbing chyen and RP from the characters who probably need it far more.
Keep in mind that every time some sparring partner goes down and gets dragged off to the doctor, not only does it create an exciting situation but it gives PC doctors something to do (eg, resuscitate, the creme de la creme of being a PC doctor). I don't know why we would want to discourage that.

What's the rationale?

Perhaps internal injuries?

I always thought sparring was newb for "Let's see our stats at work bruh" but that is just my opinion, which is why I don't do it. If you do it, that's cool too. But this isn't a bad idea, makes sense actually. All the mortally injured people having a night out at the Drome would have to think twice.

Er, Crooknose, I didn't say being healed by a doctor would kill you, that is not what I'm suggesting. I mean the natural healing.
Ohhhhhhhh sorry, I missed that. I totally agree, then. People who don't get some kind of treatment ('I'ma sleep off these four gunshot wounds, chum') are being a little meta IMO. If they have no money, that's even more of an excuse to RP and try to cut a deal for healing, or even call on some sketchy unlicensed street doc with a medpak just to get them clear of the 'risk' zone.

Maybe they could develop a more serious sickness, requiring bloodwork to diagnose and treat?

+1, I kind of expect it if my ht says I'm clinging to life anyway.
I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand, I certainly agree that being in critical condition or barley clinging to life (and other such conditions) is not hard enough on players. It's why I proposed a while ago that people in such poor states be unable to walk or limited to crawling and why they should have a hard time speaking - as when one is exhausted.

At the same time, I think that there should be a way to fight to KO in relative safety. I mean, it's a thing IRL as well. Boxing, kick boxing, MMA and the like. Not sure how to balance all of this. Short story is that I would love to see people in bad shape be forced to deal with it and not ignore it - I'm just not sure how that would best be done.

And internal bleeding would be awesome. I love that idea. I want me some blunt trauma.

I played one game where you had a healing tick that occurred at a rate of X, based on your stats. And that healing tick healed a flat amount of HP to every wound you had.

So, if you were in a sparring match and had 30 very small bruises that wiped out your HP, you would be back to full health much, much faster than someone who took a hit that took out half of their HP in one hit, but they never dropped down to the extremes, because each of those bruises got the same amount of healing applied to them. 30 x 1 is much more than 1 x 1, for a very simple example.

I don't have any idea how damage heals in Sindome to be honest, but that's a system that works out okay for allowing people to spar to KO while not being as severe, long term, as getting chopped to pieces.

I absolutely agree with this idea, would be a very healthy change (heh).

Also generally over people not RP'ing to their condition. Oh, you were fighting in UMC 20 minutes ago and you're still clinging to consciousness but now you're on a stripper pole acrobatically dancing for tips and flirting? Mk.

I'd love for it to also take longer to heal than it does, which would also encourage more people to seek our PC doctors.

It's possible healing is intentionally 'easy' to remove barriers to people going out and getting hurt, which makes a certain amount of sense to stimulate action, but does reduce the sense of grittiness.
Well... I think I remember Staff saying something more or less exactly like that. It's not fun to have to spend days in your cube because you were mugged. That's why I think that there should just be a starker differentiation between natural healing and assisted healing. I am happy with assisted healing as it is.

Based on what I see in game, Withmore has some serious med tech. And that is pretty awesome as it promotes people getting back out there and reduces boring down time. I personally wouldn't want to see that part change. But I would like to encourage people to respect their unhealed wounds and give them greater reason to go get fixed up.

After thinking this over a bit more I think I would personally like to see three things:

1. When badly injured, you do not heal naturally. You remain at your health level and will never improve without a doc. I would prefer this as it would encourage people to go see the doc but it doesn't put them on a timer who's expiration leads to death (unless they are also bleeding).

2. When very badly injured, your ability to do things is noticeably hampered. It doesn't have to be as bad as complete exhaustion (though I'm game for that too) but something that is annoying enough to make player WANT to see the doc and reminds them, "Hey, you ain't feeling too hot."

3. When hit by blunt weapons there is a chance you could begin bleeding internally and, if left untreated, this could lead to death much like external bleeding. This is just an incredibly cool idea. But it would need to be carefully balanced against normal bleeding.

Oh, and if something like #2 ever gets implemented, I think it would be best if those debilitating effects would kick in after some kind of delay. This way players don't get reduced to critical condition in a fight then automatically drop. Maybe call it adrenaline or something. But any debilitating effects should hit after the fighting is done (for that character at least).
Severe injuries can debuff your stats, but in my experience if you're pretty good at something the debuffs aren't bad enough to make you feel like your character is really hurting. I don't know if it's a flat number or a percentage, but maybe these debuffs could altered to affect all characters (and especially more powerful ones) a little more severely, with drugs like Endoprine putting you back in the fight if need be.

In any event I'm always all for giving PC doctors more to do and making injuries more debilitating. It's very easy to no-sell injuries sometimes, I know I've probably done it once or twice just because of adrenaline and not really thinking about things.