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Revolver Jamming
Probably shouldn't be a thing.

There's a few situations you can put yourself into whereby your weapon is going to get dirty very quickly, leading it to being prone to jamming.

I think that revolvers, given their nature, should be exempt from this. It'd also give them a bit more of a niche to occupy when compared with the rest of the semi-automatic handguns in the game.

By this logic, it might also make sense to have a similar situation with pump shotguns, even though those are several times more mechanically complex than a revolver is, and shells aren't typically as water-resistant as cartridges. Perhaps the break-action shotgun could be exempt.


I don't know if any firearm should be -exempt- from jamming, both because if something -can- go wrong it will go wrong and for game balance reasons. Weapons technicians already get little enough business without certain firearms being outside their service remit.
+1 the idea of making revolvers immune to jams, they can't jam unless something gets in between the hammer and the back of the bullet, would take a little more than dirt for that I think.
I'm pretty sure there's already a handgun that doesn't jam. I'm completely on board with the notion of not eliminating business for techs.
What would be the trade-off for a firearm that never jammed?
I agree with this proposal.

The trade off that people make between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol is that the revolver has less ammo capacity and less ease of modification, but it more reliable and practically jam proof.

As it is revolvers are already fairly niche weapons. I think that this proposal would see them used more.

To @HC's question,

The only trade off that I am aware of in game is that revolvers hold less ammunition than most semi-automatics.

It does seem like there should be additional nerfs placed on them if they were exempt from jamming.

Considering the long list of 'cons' in comparison to using other weapon types despite being balanced in performance, I am not sure further trade off is required to justify what should be a common sense thing, revolvers don't jam like magazine fed weapons and have significantly smaller ammo capacity.
Revolvers also tend to be fairly high stopping power weapons, which offers plenty of balance as is.

I also cannot understate just how badly weapon technicians need more business. It's a demanding trade to get good at as it requires some proficiency in not just one but several skills before you can really be considered competent at the job, but there's precious little business for the players who are devoted enough to commit to the path. This is definitely something that could use its own thread so as not to completely derail this one, but it's a serious reason to consider leaving revolvers as is.

"Don't scratch the paint on the wall" used to be thrown around a lot, and I think it applies here with "the real life equivalent." (See also: brass knuckle prices)

Just because a weapon isn't used often, doesn't necessarily mean it needs to get buffed. And if that was the case, then all guns should have jamming removed to increase use of them, and no one wants that.

Sometimes I wonder why they're used at all other than style points. There's so many downsides as it is.

If people were really concerned about weapons techs having business, we'd be pushing for swords and knives to be chipped and need sharpening and for that to fall under one weapon maintenance skill rather than firearm specific munitions.

How about, instead of jamming, fouled revolvers become very inaccurate? Just brainstorming.

That'd make much more sense to me, I just don't know if that'd be hard to design. I'd thought about suggesting something along those lines in the OP.

Just an FYI.

Revolvers do jam. I've never owned a revolver, but my understanding is that when they do jam, it is even more catastrophic than when a semi jams.

That said, if the argument is that getting them dirty shouldn't jam them up... I mean... it's less likely for sure. I don't want to spend my night exercising google fu on the subject.

A jam is when a round fails to get extracted and/or ejected properly, causing a stovepipe, or when it fails to feed fully from a magazine or a double feed. Technically speaking a revolver can't experience any of these issues
Though I guess it depends on how far jam is being defined, there are mechanical parts that can simply break on any weapon
You can also put a silencer on a revolver, which isn't really done irl. It's a game with imaginary weapons and gamey mechanical balance stuff. Roll wit it.