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Revoke others' trust of you
Explicit signaling that you won't do that

I have an issue with the trust system, that characters can trust you to do things without your consent, which in certain situations significantly modifies your ability to RP with them and changes what's expected of you as a player.

My request is that when you no longer want a character's trust, you can revoke it just as easily as they can give it. Flavor it however you want, just let me explicitly deny through code that my character will do a thing for another character, please.

What's an example of something someone can make you do by trusting you to do it?
@untrust all
@untrust "Player name"

Or @untrust all

I think they mean toggling another player's trust settings off.
This only affects grapple, in that you then autosucceed.

Does this really matter? This seems like a hangup on the verbiage, rather than a game balance or RP issue.