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Reusable crates

Idea: a new item which is a container. It would allow you to "transport" a lot of items in a single convenient container. The container, just a wooden/metal/plastic crate with a plastic lid, would have a maximum size and the weight would add up with its contents, also you would need to carry it with two hands.

Maybe there can be a cheaper version which is a transparent crate that makes its contents visible to others, versus an opaque/darker crate which has to be opened in order to view the items inside of it. Would be neat if you can label the crates too, for easier identification of what's in it.

What's the main difference between the crates and other storage items such as wallets and briefcases? Mainly size constraints, you can't put big armor or weapons in the briefcases so you have to carry them all on you. These crates are obviously larger and can fit a lot of things, therefore they're expensive, heavy and clunky.

While I am a fan of having more things like this - something -exactly- like what you describe is available ICly for purchase. there?

The only similar items I can think of are either ridiculously expensive or are quasi vehicles not meant for storage.

There is an item like this which can even hold drinks, although there are some issues with the supply of it.
They are expensive, but they are expensive for a very good reason. Rest is FOIC.

As I said, having more options like this with variety of capacities would be nice, both for moving things (like a disposable 'moving box' version) and for RP purposes (any fixers want to start their own crate routes?).

If we're thinking of the same thing, those items start at several hundred thousand chyen, I don't know that I'd really call that a viable alternative to a rubbermaid bin. At that point it's just easier to buy a whole extra car.

I'd definitely love some moderately priced moveable storage options for large and heavy items.

We purposefully don't allow this as it enables easier hoarding of gear.
It strikes me as two opposing design philosophies.

On the one hand, players are discouraged from having large stashes of items... but on the other hand, everything is sub-divided into numerous parts so just having a few groups of things ends up being a giant blob of items.

Complete armor sets are often 8-12 items, vehicles are composed of 15+ pieces, robots end up being even more than that.

I think just having smaller numbers of constituent objects on sets of things would have a bigger impact on clutter than not having useful containers to put it all in.

Installed parts in vehicles, robots, and cyberware/bioware don't have object numbers and aren't what we talk about when we're talking about hoarding.