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Retextured weapons
Same stats but different skins

This idea recently came to my mind. It would be a great way to add more variety and personality to the weapons some players use if they could be slightly redesigned without affecting their properties. For example, an extendable baton could be a fine ivory cane instead, for a corporate character to use in self-defense and as a sign of prestige. Such items would probably be more expensive because of the cosmetics (different name and description). What do you guys think?
I would love to see a bit more variety for knives and melee weapons in particular, but I think this has the potential to get out of hand or very confusing. Maybe if there were heavy restrictions in place and it required GM approval like redecorating?
I've seen a lot of threads requesting things like this. You likely won't ever convince staff to allow you to rename weapons. However, you can customize items' appearance using Stickers.